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5 Korean stars' short hairstyles that are easy to imitate

Song Hye Kyo's middle parted bob is suitable for elegant and luxurious style, while Park Eun Bin's 'apple' hairstyle is suitable for girls who like cute and feminine looks.

Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo's sideburns are slightly curled to create a soft, bouncy overall look.

Song Hye Kyo 's short hairstyle is square cut, the tail is slightly hugged towards the face, the back length is short, close to the shoulder, which is very popular in recent times thanks to its cool advantage, does not take much care, making style. In addition to the middle part like Song Hye Kyo, you can also let the bangs fly and rain with this hairstyle.

Park Eun Bin

Eun Bin's short hairstyle helps her look young and cute.

Participating in the movie Weird female lawyer Woo Young Woo , Park Eun Bin is shaped with short hair that hugs her face and nape, helping her to add 'age hack'. This hairstyle can be combined with flat bangs, rain bangs... bringing a feminine, soft look, creating a feeling of roundness, fuller for the face.


Taeyeon's new hair.

Recently, the leader of Girls' Generation changed his image with short, youthful and dynamic hair. She also revealed part of the reason comes from the frequent bending and dyeing of her hair, so her hair is badly damaged. Taeyeon's hairstyle is trimmed with layers at the end, creating a soft feeling, combining with diagonal bangs to help Taeyeon's long and oblong face shape more harmonious and balanced. With this hairstyle, you can also imitate the female singer, curling the tail gently for all occasions or using soft wax, creating a ponytail for special occasions.

Kim Se Jeong

Se Jeong's rain bangs are also slightly curled, creating a soft, natural look.

The chin-length short hair combined with the rain bangs of actor Kin Se Jeong is also an ideal choice for you to F5 style. This hairstyle is quite ideal for girls with long faces, creating a youthful and cute look.

Seol In Ah

Seol In Ah's hair tail has a sharp cut, no layering.

The short hairstyle without layers, the tail is cut neatly and neatly like Seol In Ah's hair, which is very suitable for personality girls. Depending on the shape of the face, it is possible to adjust the length of the hair so that it is balanced and harmonious. Combined with slanted bangs, diagonal roofs make the face shape angular, high cheekbones look softer. Conversely, if you have a square face, you should prioritize the middle parting bangs with the sideburns slightly shorter than the overall length of the hair.

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