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5 misconceptions when cleaning facial skin make beauty increasingly degraded

Here are the notions that many women have that cause their skin to deteriorate.

Washing your face is the first but most important step in your skincare routine. However, the wrong way to clean the face will make the skin worse. Here are 5 common mistakes in skin cleansing step.

All face washes are the same

Facial cleansers are divided by skin type, purpose of use and geographical area. Even when products are for each skin type, manufacturers also come up with different formulations such as gels, foams, oils, creams, etc.

Oily skin people can choose a foam cleanser to remove all the dirt and excess oil on the face. Those with sensitive skin should use a cream cleanser to gently pamper their skin. Dry skin girls can also use cream or balm to provide moisture to the skin.

Use strong force to rub the skin

Girls who have problems with acne, washing their face too hard will cause unripe acne spots to easily cause skin infections. Besides, if you use too much force, it will cause the mechanical exfoliating particles to scratch the skin.

Let's be gentle with our skin when washing our face. We should massage in a circular motion, from the inside out, from the bottom to the top.


Use hot water to wash your face

How to clean your face with too hot water will make the skin more susceptible to dryness, irritation and sensitivity. But don't think this face wash method will be ideal for oily skin girls! Because, washing your face with hot water will make the oil glands work harder, making the skin produce more oil.

Oily skin does not need to use moisturizer after washing face

When washing our face, the pH of our skin has changed and our skin loses its natural oils. Therefore, balancing the pH to strengthen the lipid film to protect the skin and moisturize to avoid dryness is necessary. Especially oily skin. When the skin is provided with enough moisture, it will limit the amount of oil secreted on the skin.


Using makeup remover will cause acne

If we are allergic to an ingredient in the makeup remover oil, it will cause acne. However, there are a variety of cleansing oils on the market that will make it easy to find the right product for you.

You must emulsify completely to avoid acne. Washing your face with a cleanser after using makeup remover is a perfect way to clean your face, helping all dirt, excess oil, and makeup be completely washed away.

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