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5 simple golden secrets of skin care that not everyone knows

Dig deep to learn useful tips in skin care, and apply it carefully to your skin.

Do not use morning cleanser

French women often apply a way to wash their face in the morning with cold water or wipe their face with a cotton pad soaked in micellar makeup remover. The habit of not washing their face with a cleanser in the morning helps their skin stay soft by retaining its natural moisture film. In fact, washing your face only with water in the morning has been recommended by many dermatologists to limit premature aging or wrinkles from forming.

If you have a little oil in the morning, that's not too bad. Dr. Liao advises people with dry or sensitive skin to avoid using cleanser in the morning, and for people with oily skin, only use it in areas that produce more oil, like the T-zone.

Use Tretinoin and Retinol to treat acne, reduce wrinkles

Tretinoin and Retinol both have the main use in anti-aging skin, improving wrinkles, returning you youthful, fresh skin. Tretinoin has a concentration 20 times higher than Retinol, so it is more effective and has the ability to stimulate cell growth, produce collagen quickly and regenerate skin faster than Retinol.

However, Tretinoin is known to treat and prevent acne, it also helps speed up skin cell turnover and collagen and elastin production.

Although Tretinoin is more effective than retinol, it also has more potential side effects, such as dryness, redness, and peeling.


Facial massage

The Japanese are still loyal to the classic skin care method of facial massage. According to many dermatologists, facial massage brings the main benefits such as: slim nose, small face, chin gradually reach the v-line because excess fat is destroyed, increase skin firmness and elasticity, and improve skin condition. tanning or and gradual whitening of the skin.

If in Asia, women are popular for facial massage with simple exercises, Western women prefer to combine essential oils and Gua Sha during massage.

Time for intensive skin care

Many active ingredients such as: vitamin C, retinol, tretinoin, AHA, BHA, exfoliating beads ... are not recommended by dermatologists for morning skin. Instead, experts recommend investing in intensive skin care at night - the golden time for the best absorption of nutrients. 


Use silk pillowcases

According to many Hollywood stars such as the Kardashian sisters (Kim and Kourtney), silk pillowcases also help keep the skin moist, the secret key to repelling wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin very well, especially with the skin. dry skin.

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