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5 skincare products even beauty experts "abstain"

Here are 5 skincare products doctors avoid using, this information will be extremely useful when you build a skin care process.

Doctors, dermatologists are the most standard skincare examples. That's why women are always interested in how to take care of their skin, and the products used by doctors themselves. There are even products that they themselves never use that you should know. This information will be extremely useful when you build a skin care routine.

1. Physical Exfoliating Products

Dr. Meghan O'Brien in New York never uses pads or wet wipes that are too rough to remove dead skin. This product even aggravates acne or eczema.

The use of physical exfoliation contains very sharp scrub particles inside, they are irritating and too harsh for the skin. Instead of using physical exfoliators, doctors and dermatologists prefer chemical exfoliants. Especially effective in removing dead cells, brightening skin tone.

2. Products containing mineral oil

Mineral oil will clog pores, cause inflammatory acne outbreaks, create conditions for blackheads and milia to form. Mineral oil can be found in many skincare products, from lotions, creams, cleansers to makeup products. Doctors recommend that women switch to oil-free products for effective skin care, without fear of clogging pores.


3. Products containing alcohol

Reading the ingredient list of skin care products is essential. Alcohol can cause dryness and irritation, making skin problems like eczema, redness or acne worse. Instead of choosing alcohol-based products, you should invest in water-based essences or toners because they will not make your skin dry.

4. The product contains artificial flavoring

This ingredient can cause acne to "proliferate", or cause skin irritation. This is one of the leading substances that make the skin more sensitive.” Doctors say that women should try to avoid ingredients such as: lanolin, cinnamic aldehyde, alcohol, artificial fragrances and formaldehyde.


5. Facial soap bar

The bar of soap will wash away the necessary nutrients, reducing the elasticity of the skin. In addition, this product contains harsh detergents to clean, resulting in the skin losing moisture, becoming dry and tight. Not to mention, soap also causes the natural protective barrier to be worn down, weakening the skin.

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