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5 steps to use water powder to get perfect makeup, skin is not moldy

On rushed days, a perfect cushion will be the savior of beauty believers.

On those rushed or lazy days but still want to have a perfect foundation that is not moldy, cushion is the right choice for you. To completely cover imperfections on the skin without making the foundation too thick or moldy, you probably need advice with the simple steps below.

Maintain a skin care routine

When faced with a musty foundation, it's because you haven't had the minimum skin care steps: exfoliating, moisturizing and a layer of sunscreen. No divine cosmetics can "magic" your appearance for a moment if you do not have a smooth, moist skin. In particular, after applying a full moisturizer and sunscreen, wait at least 3 minutes for the nutrients to fully absorb before applying makeup.


Don't forget the primer

Primer is a great assistant to help makeup with water powder become softer. Not only helps skin tone more evenly, primer also helps remove wrinkles effectively, helping makeup last longer. Primer is also considered a solid film separating makeup and skin structure, helping the skin avoid unnecessary irritation.

Mineral paste on the canopy

With water powder, many makeup artists also often spray a little mineral spray on the sponge and wait for 10-15 seconds for the powder cream to be just wet enough to manipulate the spread on the face to be smoother and more flexible. This stage not only helps the makeup layer to be smooth and moist, but the sponge is cleaned more cleanly. 


Do not mile too strong

Just a sufficient amount of powder cream to apply thoroughly in each area such as cheeks, forehead, chin ... will help the makeup layer to be naturally thin and light, avoiding moldy skin because of excess cream. In addition, if the mile is too strong, it can also cause the cotton to be damaged and worn out over time.

Use your fingers

To make the foundation as natural as possible, you can also try the method of hand blending, the warmth from the body will help the cream penetrate faster and more evenly than usual. Especially in the areas of the forehead, lightly spread with your hands to avoid the cream being stuck on the hair. 


For any skin type, from dry skin to oily skin, it's essential to have just the right amount of powder. With oily skin, you need to focus on areas that secrete a lot of oil, with dry skin you just need to cover the whole face with a light thinness that is enough for the skin to penetrate, it also looks much smoother.

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