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5 things you should not apply directly to your face

Dermatologists recommend not applying fresh lemon, fresh aloe vera or coconut oil directly to the face because it can cause skin irritation.

1. Fresh lemon

It is advisable to consult a dermatologist before applying any beauty formula containing lemon.

Lemon is a beauty ingredient that is both cheap and effective. Lemon is said to help lighten the skin, fade dark spots, melasma. However, dermatologists recommend that lemons should not be applied directly to the skin because lemons contain high amounts of citric acid, which can damage or burn the skin. For people with sensitive skin, lemon can lead to breakouts or skin irritation. With damaged skin areas, lemon can cause stinging or infection. 

The high acid content in lemons can destroy the skin's natural protective barrier, unbalance the microflora, and make the skin more sensitive and vulnerable. Not to mention, the furanocoumarin in lemons when exposed to UV rays in the sun can create phytophotodermatitis, causing hyperpigmentation, worse blistering, burning of the skin.

If you want to use fresh lemon for beauty, only use it in very small amounts, dilute or mix a few drops of lemon juice with other ingredients. It's best to consult a dermatologist before applying any lemon-based beauty regimen.

2. Fresh Aloe

Aloe vera is effective in healing and soothing skin damage. However, fresh aloe vera contains latex, which can make the skin more sensitive, prone to redness and irritation. Using aloe vera is not recommended because it can make the condition worse. Dermatologists recommend the use of cosmetic preparations with aloe extract because these products have removed unnecessary or harmful ingredients, leaving only the very essence of aloe. , ensure safety for the skin.

3. Coconut oil or olive oil

It is not possible to completely remove makeup with coconut oil.

Coconut oil, olive oil are also beauty ingredients that have been used for many years. However, the trick of using coconut oil, olive oil to remove makeup or massage the skin is not recommended by beauty experts. 

Makeup, especially long-wearing products, can't be easily removed with coconut or olive oil alone, requiring a specialized makeup remover. Using coconut oil or olive oil not only does not remove cosmetics, but also makes the skin easy to clog pores, causing acne. 

The reason is that specialized makeup remover products, including oil-based products, have an emulsifying step so that the oil turns into a liquid solution that is easily washed off, while coconut oil or virgin olive oil cannot do that. So,

4. Toothpaste

The trick to using toothpaste to treat acne is quite popular, however, dermatologists warn this is not a trick to follow. The pH of toothpaste is only suitable for the oral cavity, not the pH of the skin surface. Not to mention, toothpaste contains foaming agents, bleaching agents, surfactants, some products also contain triclosan - substances that increase irritation, make skin more sensitive, increase inflammatory reactions. Using toothpaste does not help acne quickly, but only makes acne worse. To treat acne properly, you should use specialized products or see a dermatologist for the right method.

5. Ice cold

Many beauty uses of ice are passed on by sisters such as tightening pores, reducing acne swelling, reducing inflammation, reducing puffiness, dark circles... However, applying ice directly on the skin is not This is what dermatologists recommend. Leaving the skin in direct contact with ice for a long time can cause frostbite. 

The ice cold surface has sharp edges, which can cause skin scratches when used. In terms of use, pores do not have the physical properties of hot expansion and cold contraction, so ice does not help tighten pores as many people believe. 

For areas of inflamed, swollen skin, ice can temporarily relieve pain, but it does not improve the condition and sometimes causes more severe inflammation if using unsanitary ice. If you want to use ice to reduce puffiness and dark circles, wrap it in a clean towel,

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