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5 tips to get rid of foot odor to help her feel more confident

Foot odor can be caused by many reasons, both objective and health problems.

What causes foot odor?

Due to the accumulation of sweat

The bodies of teenagers, pregnant women, people who are stressed or have certain medical conditions tend to sweat a lot. The accumulation of sweat on the skin can cause an infection called bromodosis, or simply smelly feet.


Due to bacteria

Foot odor can also be caused by bacteria that live on the skin of the feet. When bacteria on the feet interact with sweat, it produces an acid that causes an unpleasant odor.

Due to fungus

Foot sweat soaked socks/socks and was covered in hot, closed-toe shoes, creating good growth conditions for the fungus. A fungal infection of feet is called athlete's foot.

Due to other diseases

Washing your feet infrequently or not changing your socks at least once a day can foster bacterial and fungal growth. This can make foot odor worse. Therefore, most of the ways to eliminate foot odor when wearing shoes are foot hygiene.

How to effectively remove foot odor at home

Exfoliate dead skin

An effective way to get rid of foot odor at home is to exfoliate your feet 1-2 times a week.

Starting with dry feet, use a file to scrape away dead skin from around the toenails to the soles of the feet and heels. After removing some dead cells, use a foot brush to gently scrub away the remaining dead cells on the skin again.


Wash and dry your feet

Mainly foot odor comes from poor hygiene, creating conditions for bacteria and mold to multiply. Keeping your feet clean is the first step to effectively eliminating foot odor at home, and it's not a complicated way.

Mainly, you need to wash and dry your feet to prevent odor at least once a day. Clean between your toes, then dry thoroughly to avoid water retention. It's important to dry even between your toenails, as they can cause bacteria and odors.

Choose socks that absorb sweat well

To keep it clean, you should change your socks/socks every day. For people who sweat a lot, have a job standing or active for many hours, or work in a hot outdoor environment, you can bring spare socks/socks to change as soon as you feel cold. Your feet start to smell.


Change shoes and clean them regularly

You should have about 2-3 pairs of shoes to change back and forth every day. That way, shoes that are wet from sweat have enough time to dry before being put back on. In addition, if you want to help the shoes dry quickly and not accumulate sweat, you can disassemble the inner lining to dry. Because wet shoes easily produce odor-causing bacteria.

Use deodorant products

For people with sweaty feet or hyperhidrosis, you can use products that help absorb sweat. Antiperspirant sprays can be an appropriate measure to prevent sweaty feet.

You can also pour baby powder, cornstarch, or baking soda into your sneakers and leave them overnight. These powders can absorb excess sweat in shoes. The smell of baby powder also drowns out the unpleasant smell in the shoes.

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