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5 trendy bob hairstyles of French ladies that are worth trying this Autumn

You definitely cannot "ignore" the typical bob hairstyles of French girls. Learn now to create a chic look for yourself.

If you love the beauty of French ladies, you must definitely learn how to beautify and choose hairstyles. In particular, if you pay attention, you will see that bob hair is considered a true love for French women, shaping the glamorous, free and eternal Parisienne style. Each bob hairstyle, regardless of style, promises to bring you a top-notch charisma.

brrunette hair

In the last two years, the 90's beautiful hairstyle has had the opportunity to return to the beauty race. The glorious "revival" from naturally dyed hair colors such as copper brown, dark brown, mocha brown, chocolate brown ... changed the landscape of the hairdressing industry.

Strong, versatile and full of charm, 3 beautiful words that shape the style of brown bob brunette Bob deserves a strong response from the stylish outfit. This hairstyle is enough to help conceal the shortcomings of the angular face, while cleverly highlighting the neck and nape area - the most attractive body part.

Bob midi parted parted hair

Sometimes the simplicity of the original black hair gives an unexpected dramatic effect. After the pandemic, people appreciate the most natural and free things even more, the parted midi bob hairstyle also enhances the sharpness of the face. The delicate combination of gentle curls also brings a harmonious overall balance to the face. 


Light crochet bangs

French women also began to "add" bangs to create a highlight for their bob hairstyle to be more rebellious and liberal. Instead of letting the hidden highlight hairs hide or evenly distribute the hair, French women choose to "shift" them in the bangs, making the overall face brighter. 


Bob hair "messy"

Among the beautiful hairstyles that are popular with women in this country, you will probably notice the "messy" bob hairstyle when combined with side bangs. This bob hairstyle gives you a natural look without being rigid. In addition, this hairstyle will be even more fashionable if you curl it from the first half. Take care of your hair at night, so the next morning you will have a beautiful hair style.


Curly hair

Bob hair, when combined with goofy bangs, will be curled by the Parisian lady with natural small waves and dyed chocolate brown, almond brown ... Simple, charming and classic, it is undeniable that many times have passed. , bob hair with an emphasis on curly bangs is always the "Emily in Paris" lady's hairstyle.

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