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5 ways to make beauty from natural ingredients are as effective as cosmetics

The skin care ways from below can help you take care of your skin extremely effectively.

Cleanse your face with oatmeal

In addition to the use of weight loss, keeping in shape, oats are also considered a "panacea" to treat diseases for your skin. With the effect of removing sebum, cleaning the skin, preventing the formation of a dense layer of dead cells on the skin, you can completely use oats instead of cosmetics.

You can puree oatmeal, then put it in a small jar to use it gradually every morning. When washing your face, you just need to mix a little oatmeal with a dilute salt solution to well remove excess oil on the skin, as well as make the skin clear and healthy.

Moisturize skin and whiten skin with potatoes

This mask will make the skin smooth, pink and white. But a small note, because potatoes have a very high vitamin C component, so always protect your skin carefully when going out in the sun if you don't want your skin to become dark!

You just need to boil a washed potato. Then blend until smooth. Mix with fresh milk without sugar. Apply this mixture to the skin, then keep the mask for about 20 minutes. Finally rinse off with warm water.

Reduce oil with pumpkin

Pumpkin is a rich source of vitamins E, A, vitamin C and zinc, which regulates oil, reduces large pores, and protects and increases skin's resistance.


Just puree the mixture of pumpkin, honey and fresh milk in a ratio of 2:1:1. Use a mask brush to apply a thin layer of mask onto cleansed skin. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water, the skin will be extremely smooth.

Aloe vera, almond oil or sesame oil

If you have too much dead skin, a mixture of aloe vera and almond or sesame oil will help you deal with this. This mixture provides very good moisture to the skin. Take about 8-10 drops of almond or sesame oil and a teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Apply the mixture to your face and massage for at least 15 minutes and leave it overnight. Wash your face again the next morning and you'll find your skin is incredibly soft, full of life.

Rice water

Rice water has long been used to brighten the skin, bringing a clean, smooth skin. The main reason is because they contain many essential amino acids to help skin cells grow, antioxidant compounds, B vitamins to treat wrinkles. In addition, rice water also has the ability to shrink pores and soothe skin when the skin is sunburned or peeling, cracked.

Just mix the rice water and yogurt until you get a light and homogeneous paste. (Note, when draining the water to wash the rice, wash it 1-2 times for the rice to be clean of dirt and wash the rice for the third time).

Apply a mask made from rice water after washing your face, after 20 minutes wash your face with negative water and follow the next skin care steps.

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