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6 beauty secrets that she should know are sure to be useful for your skin care routine

Even if you are a "newbie" or a true believer, the following facts will certainly be extremely helpful for your beauty routine.

Skincare is unlimited

When exposed to the outside environment, other skin areas such as the neck or hands, if not protected, will directly "report" a woman's age. So let's start reversing the effects of time starting with sun protection and moisturizer.

Caring for your hands with intensive products is one of the beauty secrets that you need to supplement every day.


Note nude lipstick

When it comes to nude lipstick, some women are often afraid of the image of pale and emaciated lips. However, in fact, nude lipstick possesses a variety of tones to honor all skin tones, contrary to previous misconceptions.

If the lip color is a bit dark, the lipstick may not be properly colored. Therefore, take care of your lips with suitable lip balm products, note that you can choose the same lipstick color or one tone lighter than the lip color. Peach nude tones are also known as nude lipstick tones that are easy to apply and do not need makeup but still help the face look radiant.

Golden time for beauty

If you still maintain a regular beauty routine before going to bed, your skin will thank you. According to experts, before going to bed is a great time for us to do a deep moisturizing process, fight wrinkles, nourish lips and other problems. At this time, the nutrients can penetrate deeply and promote their best effects without being affected by external influences, especially sunlight.


The value of sleep

Lack of sleep causes the skin to lose water, look tired, swollen and can appear dark circles. Moreover, during the time we sleep deeply, the body will stimulate the production of collagen, making the skin firmer, smoother and brighter. Therefore, ensure the quality of sleep if you want to have a perfect radiant appearance.

Skin needs to be hydrated

Moisturizing isn't just about keeping your skin hydrated. The following benefits will help you invest more seriously in this skin care step:

- Maintains the natural balance, keeps the optimal amount of water for the skin

- Protect skin health, avoid free radicals and bacteria

- Helps slow down the aging process

- Help you own the perfect makeup


Nutrition and exercise

Stress, alcohol and smoking or simply building habits for a healthy lifestyle, focusing on nutrition and exercise are still really important for beauty. A healthy diet and sports activities not only make us healthier. This is also the key to supporting a radiant appearance and overflowing vitality from within.

Clean skin

In order for the skin to become healthy and absorb the necessary nutrients, we need to focus on cleansing the skin. Not only that, the hands are also an area that needs attention because it can expose the skin to bacteria and dirt. And the remaining cleaning step, is to clean makeup to minimize the possibility of causing acne and leaving streaks on the skin when makeup.

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