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6 'golden' time frames in skincare steps to keep skin radiant

Take care of your skin every day, but did you know that each time is a different biological rhythm and correspondingly will be the most suitable skincare steps for your skin.


6 "golden" time frames for skincare, skin is always fresh and smooth

Here is the "golden" time frame to help you perform skincare steps to keep your skin smooth and radiant.

6 am: Golden time to use anti-inflammatory and soothing facial products

This is the most active time of the endocrine glands in the body, the blood circulation is also accelerated. At this time, skin cells are very easy to absorb water and moisture from the environment.

Therefore, it is recommended to apply a lotion containing a lot of water, vitamins and minerals to help moisturize at this time. You should use skin soothing and anti-inflammatory creams.

8 am: Must wear sunscreen

Dirt, ultraviolet rays as well as computer radiation are the main causes of skin allergies, dehydration, dullness ... So you should choose moisturizers to help balance, and at the same time to Apply sunscreen to protect the skin. If you are trying to whiten, you need to provide enough water for the skin first to help the whitening effect be more effective.

12 noon: Should remove some makeup on the face

The skin still produces sebum to protect it from UV rays. You should remove all the cream and makeup on your face, because cosmetics at this time can combine with the oil secreted through the skin, blocking the pores, causing acne.

If you are out in the sun for a long time, pay attention to reapply sunscreen fully if you do not want your skin to have problems with irritation or darkening of the sun. Use extra oil blotting paper to control the amount of oil on your face.

4 pm: Regularly spray mineral water to timely supply water to the skin

In the afternoon, the skin begins to show signs of dehydration, fatigue, small wrinkles may appear on the skin due to decreased blood pressure and hormones, weak skin and difficulty absorbing nutrients. At this time, the skin needs to be revitalized with moisturizing and soothing products. Don't forget to hydrate the skin with mineral spray, helping the skin absorb moisture most effectively.

9 - 11 pm: Golden time for a nighttime skincare routine

This is considered the "golden time" for skin care. Collagen production is boosted, harmful free radicals are neutralized and cells are restored at night. This is why nighttime skin care products work at their peak, for radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Should choose products that help regenerate, contain collagen, whitening agents, specialized night creams, sleeping masks are extremely suitable to help the skin recover the best.

12 o'clock at night: Skin is enjoying the previous care steps

When we sleep, our skin regenerates and repairs damage. So always remember to moisturize your skin before going to bed. Between 10 pm and 1 am the next morning, skin care products work best.

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