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6 hair colors that both brighten her skin and help her look younger than her real age, let's grow this fall

Based on the hairstyle and the brightness of your skin, you can choose one of the trendy dye colors above.

A lot of guys admit that the thing that makes them flutter the most when looking at girls is their flowing hair. If you own an impressively beautiful hair color, how confused will the other party be? Here are the hottest hair colors, which are most actively promoted by famous stars.

Milk tea cream color

Milk tea cream hair color has recently been very popular with Korean and Japanese women thanks to its soft and warm feeling. Wearing this hair color will help you look younger, fresher, and equally sophisticated and luxurious. Especially, milk tea cream color is suitable for many hairstyles, from long curly, big curls to short hair can be applied.

Honey brown hair

This is also one of the hair tones that make the skin "extreme". Moreover, it also makes the hair softer and full of life. The iridescent golden brown hair helps the girls stand out in the light. But don't worry, it's completely not "exaggerated" and still retains a gentle, feminine look for you.

Pink and amber hair

Considered the hottest hair color this fall and winter, capable of impressing the opposite person immediately thanks to the novelty, you can change it by adding a little caramel brown if you are worried about tiger pink. too bright. Girls who want to have a dynamic and attractive look, do not ignore this hair color.

Chocolate chestnut brown

This trendy color tone will help the owner look more prominent and still exude the necessary tenderness. Song Hye Kyo made the most of the beauty of her chestnut chocolate brown hair by wearing soft thin bangs. Looking at the beauty of the Song family, she looks like 10 years younger than her real age, the hair color makes the overall look more luxurious and elegant.

Light western brown color

One of the dyes that is on the throne and is loved by women today is western brown. With the strength of not being picky about skin, dark brown hair color helps dark-skinned girls to confidently "F5" themselves, bringing a gentle and delicate neutral color. Besides, you can freely combine this dye with hairstyles from shoulder length hair, wavy hair, bob or pixie hair, ...

Dark blue

If you are looking for a deep hair color that still accentuates your impressive personality with a bit of mystery, then dark blue is a very suitable choice. Quite a few celebrities actively promote this hair color, including BLACKPINK Lisa. Dark blue hair is suitable for all skin tones, office girls can comfortably wear it without fear of creating a feeling of "saw horns".


Based on the hairstyle and the lightness of your skin, you can choose one of the four trendy dye colors above.

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