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6 important principles to help oily skin girls choose the right sunscreen

Each skin type has different criteria to choose the right sunscreen. Here are 6 principles to help women with oily skin immediately choose the right sunscreen for themselves.

1. Prioritize choosing physical sunscreen

As we all know, sunscreen is divided into 2 types: chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen. While chemical sunscreens act like a film to absorb and treat UV rays before they can cause damage to the skin, physical sunscreens work to reflect UV rays so they don't hit the skin. to the skin.

Chemical sunscreens contain organic ingredients that can cause irritation, so they are usually not recommended for sensitive skin, but oily skin is an extremely sensitive skin type. Meanwhile, physical sunscreens have more benign ingredients, specialized for sensitive skin and baby skin. Therefore, when choosing a sunscreen, people with oily skin should give preference to physical sunscreens.


2. Avoid Allergenic Ingredients

Oily skin is an extremely sensitive skin type, so it is important to avoid contact with allergenic ingredients. If this is important for normal skin 1, then for sensitive skin, this is 10 times more important. You should absolutely prohibit choosing sunscreens with elements such as artificial fragrances, colorants, preservatives, parabens and other additives because they are not good for sensitive skin, cause skin irritation and widespread acne.

3. Sunscreen has skin care benefits

On the market today, many sunscreen products not only stop at normal sun protection but also have soothing and nourishing ingredients for sensitive skin. Therefore, when choosing sunscreen for oily skin, you should pay attention to products with ingredients such as Centella asiatica, vitamin B5... so that the skin is moisturized and fully cared for all day long.


4. Light texture and no white streaks

Unlike other skin types, sensitive skin is especially advised to avoid sunscreens that clog the skin and leave white casts as it can make the skin uncomfortable and more prone to breakouts. Compared to before, physical sunscreens have now been improved a lot, no longer having a heavy texture, squeaking or leaving white streaks on the skin like before. As long as your skin is healthy enough, well-hydrated, it is completely suitable for the use of physical sunscreen. One trick to use an effective physical sunscreen is to apply a layer of toner to your skin to freshen up and be full of life, then put on sunscreen.

5. Non-greasy or oil-free

If dry skin girls are always interested in moisturizing sunscreen lines, oily skin girls are quite hesitant with these products. Because oily skin is inherently "cool", using moisturizing sunscreen will only make the amount of oil on the skin more difficult to control. Therefore, you should choose non-greasy sunscreens or oil-free sunscreens that will be more suitable for oily skin girls.


6. Sunscreen shouldn't have a scent

Fragrance products often contain chemical ingredients such as flavorings or preservatives. These ingredients are very irritating to sensitive or acne-prone skin. So to avoid allergies to scents, choose an unscented sunscreen or test it on a small area of ​​skin under your arm first to ensure the safety of the product.

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