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6 mistakes that pave the way for acne to have a chance to bloom on the face despite very thorough skin care

If you still have the above habits, change them today to prevent early signs of aging.

1. Apply sunscreen but don't remove makeup

Like makeup, sunscreen is also an oil-based product, leaving behind pore-clogging remnants that only cleansers will not treat. In order for the skin to be perfectly cleansed, pores to be freed so that there is no room for acne to stay, you need to do 2 cleaning steps every day, that is, makeup remover + face wash.

There is a small note that you should use products with gentle formulas so as not to damage the natural protective film.

2. Rubbing too hard when washing your face

With vigorous rubbing, the skin structure can be damaged and its elasticity reduced. In the long run, wrinkles can appear early if you regularly commit to the above habit. This also makes the skin thin and vulnerable to harmful agents. When washing your face, pay attention to gently massage and do not wash for too long so as not to harm the skin.


3. Ignore the skin under the eyes

Although you have beautiful, smooth and cool skin, only the skin under the eyes appears dark circles, tiny wrinkles, the beauty is also reduced. First of all, stop treating the skin under your eyes badly with actions such as rubbing your eyes or rubbing them hard. Each time you do this, the blood jet under the skin is easily broken, leading to swelling and dark circles.

4. Using the wrong face towel

Using a towel that is too hard or wiping it the wrong way can damage your skin. Rubbing towels on the face is also a habit that should be changed because they will reduce elasticity, causing premature wrinkles. To avoid this situation, you should choose towels of guaranteed quality, soft and smooth fabrics. Instead of rubbing towels on your skin, use them to gently absorb water on your face.


5. Using too many skin care products

Many people go shopping and buy a lot of skincare products. They keep adding products to the process without checking that the ingredients are compatible, or appear duplicated in the process. In some cases, one active ingredient can neutralize the power of another, or too much of it can cause severe irritation and damage to your skin.

6. Do not clean makeup brushes/sponges

If you take care of your skin but acne still has a chance to "bloom" on your skin, then think carefully, how long has it been since you've cleaned your makeup brushes and sponges.

Dirty makeup brushes and sponges will be a bridge for bacteria to attack your skin, causing clogged pores and creating conditions for acne to appear more, even causing skin irritation. So about every 3 weeks, you should clean your makeup brushes and sponges by washing them with water/makeup remover oil, antibacterial soap or baby shampoo... then let them dry overnight.


In addition to the age factor, skin care or some daily habits are also the cause of rapid skin aging. Melasma, freckles, wrinkles can appear on the skin of the face even when you are still young.

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