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7 common habits that accelerate the aging process, dark skin degrades

Your aging process takes place quickly if you keep the 7 habits below.

Rub your eyes often

Rubbing your eyes can help relax your eyes temporarily in many cases. However, this action can easily make the eyes red and dry the skin around the eyes because this skin area is very delicate and sensitive. At the same time, blood vessels under the skin are also easily damaged, leading to dark circles and many crow's feet.


Drinking too much brewed coffee

Coffee is a diuretic, easily dehydrates us if we drink too much and thereby adversely affects your skin, making it dull and wrinkled. You might consider using instant coffee instead of regular brew because it contains less caffeine.

Sleeping on your stomach

Lying on your stomach with many people is the easiest and most comfortable position to sleep. But accidentally this is the most harmful position for the skin. Because, when sleeping, the skin needs to be ventilated. When you face down on a pillow, it can clog hair follicles, which in turn causes pores to clog, causing acne and wrinkles.

Sleeping on your stomach will affect blood circulation, increase pressure, causing dark circles and puffiness to appear.


Do not use sunscreen

Although many makeup products contain SPF, they cannot replace good quality sunscreen. Harmful UV rays are responsible for 80% of the signs of skin aging, including wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Regular use of sunscreen has been shown to slow down the aging process, fight wrinkles for longer.

Has a habit of licking lips

Licking your lips can temporarily relieve your chapped lips, but in the long run it can harm the delicate skin on your lips. Saliva contains enzymes that easily cause dry lips, breaking down the protective barrier of the lips when it evaporates. To get rid of this bad habit, always carry a lip balm in your bag or by your bed.

Stay up late

Lack of sleep makes us feel tired, quickly become raccoons because of dark circles under the eyes, accelerates the aging process and shortens life. Moreover, staying up late also makes the circulatory system and nervous system easily disturbed, making the skin's elasticity poor, and the skin difficult to recover.


Eat a lot of salt

The researchers said that if we eat a lot of salt every day, the body has to endure too much salt, which can accelerate the aging process of cells and increase the likelihood of heart disease.

According to another study, if the body absorbs a lot of sodium every day, women not only face the risk of high blood pressure but also make the skin weaker because the collagen in the skin is strongly affected. .

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