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7 habits that make hair gray quickly

The more you worry about the problem of gray hair, the more your hair tends to be damaged, quickly gray, less strong due to hormone disturbances, hindering blood circulation.

Gray hair pulling

When 1-2 gray hairs appear, most people want to pull them out. However, this is not recommended. Pulling gray hair easily damages the scalp and hair follicles, causing hair to grow slowly and become thinner. Pulling gray hair also inadvertently loses the thin film surrounding the hair that has the effect of "indicating the direction" of hair growth. At this time, the hair is prone to ingrown, causing uncomfortable itching or pimples on the scalp.


Plucking gray hair can solve the itchy, unsightly condition, but in the long run, it is easy to damage hair follicles and oily skin.

Worried about gray hair

The more you pay attention and worry about gray hair, the worse the situation becomes. Prolonged stress affects blood flow, accelerates the aging process of the skin and hair follicles, hinders the production of melanin - the ingredient that gives hair its black color and protects it. Long-term stress can also make hair brittle.

Let the body get cold

Not keeping warm enough for the body also hinders blood circulation, especially blood in the shoulders and neck. This causes the blood to not be brought enough to the scalp, from which the skin receives less nutrients, affecting the production of melanin, making the hair less strong and prone to graying.

Let your hair get wet

The habit of leaving your hair wet for a long time also means that the scalp is cold, there is not enough moisture to ensure blood circulation and melanin production.


To protect the hair, it is best to use a clean towel to dry the hair after washing, dry the hair roots with a moderate temperature, neither too hot nor too cold to keep the scalp warm.


The nicotine in cigarettes easily constricts blood vessels, affecting the blood circulation of the whole body. Nicotine is also one of the agents that cause the body to produce many free radicals, affecting general health and leaving many harmful effects on the skin and hair.


Inactivity also makes blood circulation poor, affecting scalp health and the activity of melanocytes. Many people also believe that: "The feet are the second heart of the body", implying that regular exercise is a way for the body to pump blood around the body effectively. On the contrary, when the legs are in a motionless position, the muscles decrease, making the blood transport capacity poor, the scalp also does not receive nutrients, from which the hair becomes paler and more prone to breakage.


Inadequate sleep, insomnia greatly affects the hormones in the body, the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. At this time, the nervous system will affect the DNA of the hair follicles, accelerating the aging process and causing gray hair.

Lack of sleep makes the skin worse and worse, affecting the hair.

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