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7 simple ways to restore dry, damaged hair at home

If you want dry, brittle hair to become smooth and strong, refer to the following tips.

Incubate with coconut oil or olive oil before washing

This method is very easy, you just need to buy coconut oil or olive oil. Then, pour it into your hands and apply it evenly, but applying the ends to the middle of the hair is enough, otherwise the scalp will be greasy. Leave it on for 15-30 minutes, then wash it off. Just by doing this, dry and damaged hair will be nourished, and it will make it soft, smooth, easy to comb, and tangle-free. This method is very basic, you should incubate twice a week.

Do not wash your hair with warm water


Do not use warm water to wash your hair because warm water will make our hair hot and lose a lot of moisture in the hair. Although washing your hair with warm water helps you relax more, it still has many bad effects on your hair. Therefore, it is best to wash your hair with normal temperature water. You don't need cold or hot water, which means just use normal temperature water. This is another important point to take care of dry, brittle hair.

Use the correct conditioner

If the hair is dry, we must replenish the hair with the treatment. That is, you should use conditioner every time you wash your hair. If your hair is severely damaged, it may be necessary to use a conditioner before shampooing, and then use a different conditioner. Adding moisture and nourishing hair will help hair recover faster.

Use heat protectant spray before styling

Hair is damaged by heat so we have to prevent it by using heat protection spray for hair. How to use it is very easy: just spray on wet hair, pat and massage for a bit to penetrate the hair, then use a hair dryer to dry.

Dry hair with cool air

Pay attention to dry your hair with cool wind. This prevents the hair from further drying out. You can use a fan to dry your hair or switch to a cool setting when using a hair dryer. Should keep the hair dryer about 20cm away from the head and only dry until the hair is slightly damp, then let the hair dry naturally.

Do not use heat on hair

In order for dry brittle hair to be restored, you must try to avoid using heat as much as possible. It is even better not to use heat as it causes the hair to lose moisture. But if you really need to use it, it should be used at a suitable temperature, not exceeding 180 degrees Celsius is best. If the hair is slightly damaged, only use heat at 150 degrees Celsius. For severely damaged hair, absolutely do not use heat.

You should apply hair conditioner every time you wash your hair

Another help to make hair soft and smooth is using hair oils. The balm now has a very nice smell. It also helps to keep our hair soft, smooth and in beautiful shape, locking the hair to prevent frizz. When using a conditioner, you should apply the oil in small amounts and only apply it from the ends of the hair to the middle of the hair. Never use it on the scalp so the hair doesn't get greasy.

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