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7 skincare products recommended by dermatologists

Dermatologists recommend adding a serum containing vitamin C and retinol to your routine for fresher and more radiant skin.


1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most important skin care product in the beauty process because without sun protection, every care product you apply no matter how expensive, how rare the ingredients, will not work. No matter the season of the year, you need to use sunscreen to protect your skin from sun and environmental damage and prevent premature aging.

2. Gentle cleanser

Every skin care routine from simple to complex begins with cleansing. To ensure that the skin is always clean and healthy, dermatologists recommend choosing a gentle cleanser that cleans without drying the skin, preferring cleansers with a neutral pH. Do not use products with strong washing properties, containing alcohol or fragrances to avoid skin irritation.

3. Exfoliate

Like the body, the skin also needs to be periodically purified to deep clean dirt, excess oil accumulated on the surface of the skin, increase the production of new cells, bring a fresh, radiant appearance. Dermatologists recommend the use of physical exfoliants with microscopic particle sizes that do not scratch or irritate the surface of the skin. Do not use products with coarse particles, rub the skin strongly, cause abrasion to the skin surface.

4. Vitamin C Serum

Use a serum containing vitamin C before applying sunscreen to increase the effectiveness of skin protection.

Vitamin C is recommended to be included in the skin care routine because of many uses: fade dark spots left by acne, even skin tone, enhance the effectiveness of sunscreen, increase skin's anti-aging ability.


5. Retinol

After the age of 30, dermatologists recommend adding retinol to your skincare routine to protect against premature aging. Retinol helps stimulate collagen production, strengthen the skin's elasticity, limit the formation of wrinkles. When you first start using retinol, you should start with a low concentration first to let your skin get used to it. Using a retinol at night and a vitamin C serum in the morning will help promote overall skin health. Note, when using retinol and vitamin C, it is imperative to wear sunscreen.

6. Mineral spray

Well-hydrated skin is healthy skin. Therefore, mineral spray should be an inseparable object of women. Mineral mist can be used before applying moisturizer or treatment products or even after applying makeup.

7. Paper masks

Masking brings a feeling of relaxation, comfort, is a tonic for both the skin and the spirit.

If you do not have the opportunity to go to the spa for regular skin care, you should use a sheet mask at least once a week. A sheet mask that both moisturizes and adds nutrients to the skin, helping to speed up regeneration and recovery.

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