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7 tips to have beautiful, plump skin in the fall

When moving from summer to autumn, the weather changes so the skin can lose water. Therefore, there should be an adjustment in skin care so that the skin can maintain moisture, smooth, whiter pink in the autumn.

Autumn, the season of hair loss. Some people find all sorts of remedies including brewing their hair with beer. So how is this effective, scientific?

In the fall, the weather becomes cooler. Along with that, the weather also became drier. As a result, the skin can lose moisture and become drier. In the fall, you should have a more suitable skin care method to make your skin white, pink and smooth.

Here are some skin care tips from dermatologists:

1. For Super Sensitive Skin: Hydrate skin with Eslatin, Collagen or Aloe

People with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema may experience discomfort during the changing seasons. People with super-sensitive skin like this can experience skin irritation, itching and discomfort for a few days, even weeks when the weather changes.

The weather changes to autumn, you should use moisturizer to avoid dry skin

To keep your skin plump, moisturize your skin. You can use essential oils, serums or lotions to nourish your skin. Apply cosmetics containing essential oils, elastin or collagen to restore the skin after a summer affected by the hot sun that makes the skin dark and aging.

After exfoliating , you can use cold aloe vera and thicker creams to restore the skin.

2. Moisturizer

If oily skin and sebum are the problem of the summer, in the fall, the skin becomes drier. At this time, you can use a moisturizer to help plump, smooth, and add moisture to your skin.

3. Lip balm and eye care

When the weather is cooler and drier, you should also moisturize your lips and eyes to stay young and beautiful. Use lip balm or lip balm to provide moisture to your lips.

For ladies in their 40s, it is recommended to apply eye cream before going to bed to reduce wrinkles and crow's feet at the corners of the eyes.

Before applying makeup, you should also apply a foundation, especially an anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes.

4. Don't Use Exfoliants and Retinoids Too Often

When the weather turns to autumn, the humidity in the air decreases, you should avoid exfoliating and using cosmetics containing retinoids too often because it can lead to dry skin. When the skin loses moisture, the skin becomes wrinkled and dry.

At this time, the exfoliation route should be reduced in frequency to protect the skin.

5. Continue using sunscreen

Although UV radiation is mainly harmful in the summer, the UV rays in sunlight persist throughout the four seasons. So, in the fall, you should still use sunscreen to help reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. UV radiation accelerates skin aging, so you should still use SPF 30 sunscreen daily on sunny days.

6. Add foods rich in vitamin C to your daily diet

According to dermatologist Anne Chapas in New York, USA, vitamin C has the effect of soothing skin pigmentation, supporting the body to produce collagen to help firm, whiter and smoother skin.

7. It is recommended to use a humidifier in an air-conditioned room

Dermatologists recommend using a humidifier in the fall and winter to increase skin moisture. In particular, in an air-conditioned room, the air is often dry, making your skin more susceptible to dehydration. A humidifier can help keep your skin from drying out.

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