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7 tips to help the clumsy girl make up quickly without worrying about being drowned out

The following tips are simple but help a lot in the beauty process.

Mix BB cream with highlighter

If your skin has many flaws, a very good makeup trick is to mix a drop of highlighter into your concealer and apply it to your skin. This way, the makeup will look more glossy and smooth, but still very natural.


Mix skin oil with foundation

And in case her skin is a dry skin, try mixing a drop of skin oil with foundation, this will help you get a more glossy, smooth foundation.

Mix powder with concealer

If you are a girl with oily skin, when applying makeup, put a little bit of coverage on the concealer. With this trick, you can create a smooth, oil-free foundation that still looks very natural.

Apply foundation first and then concealer

Foundation will help minimize redness, blemishes or uneven skin tone, then just a little concealer is enough to handle the rest instead of having to use. lots and thick. This also prevents the cream from clumping and folding on the skin.


Exfoliate lips before applying lipstick

Even if you don't use matte lipsticks and bold lipsticks, you should still keep yourself in the habit of exfoliating your lips before applying lipstick. It not only makes your lips always soft, smooth and extremely smooth, but also helps the lipstick to be more accurate and long-lasting.

Eyeshadow tips

Eyeshadow helps to create a sense of changing the size and depth of the eyes. Invest in high-quality eyeshadows and brushes that blend, color, and hold color perfectly on your eyes.

If you want your eyeshadow to last all day and not wrinkle, use a good primer before you apply eye shadow. On the other hand, if you want to use lighter eyeshadow palettes, first apply a white eyeliner on the eyelids to remove the natural skin tone and create an even foundation before applying the eyeshadow.


For the bottom area of ​​the eye (just near the lash line) - use a dark eyeshadow, for the area above, use a medium color and the top part, use a light color and blend them well.

Tips to draw eyeliner extremely fast and standard

If you're struggling with eyeliner, try this trick. Draw the tail first, then fill in the contours of her eyelids. Then draw another line from the lower eyelid to the tail and finally paint it evenly.

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