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8 mistakes when taking care of hair that make hair always frizzy and dandruff

The hair is the most impressive weapon, but sometimes because of not taking good care of it, it loses serious points.

Do not brush your hair

Messy hair is the result of dryness and dehydration, which leads to the strands gradually curling into each other to form very unsightly bunches. So, brush your hair smoothly in any situation because tangled hair is the biggest enemy of our appearance.


Using poor quality shampoo

There are many shampoos that are only capable of removing dirt from the hair and scalp, not providing the care that a healthy hair needs to receive. Therefore, when choosing shampoos, pay more attention to their uses and use one with additional hair-conditioning ingredients.

No professional hair care for a long time

The new hair growth makes the hairstyle you are pursuing more or less lose its inherent shape, causing your appearance to seriously lose points. According to advice from many experts, bob and pixie hairstyles should be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.


Comb when wet hair

Water weakens the hair's protective barrier, making it weaker and more susceptible to damage. Therefore, brushing when wet will put the hair at a great risk of breakage. If you really need to brush, use a wide tooth comb instead of the usual thick comb.

Use vegetable hair dye at home

Dyeing hair with plant-based drugs is still widely used in the world. However, this drug is also quite difficult to control and has the potential to create unpredictable dangers for your hair. You should go to professional hair salons to consult a professional before dyeing if possible.


Using the wrong type of comb

Besides stress and unhealthy eating, using the wrong type of comb can also cause significant hair damage and breakage. Find out and choose the right comb for your hair type and use, and comb it in the right direction from the tip to the root.

Wash your hair with hot water

Using hot water to wash your hair can make your hair frizzy, frizzy, dilate your pores and thus make your hair more prone to breakage. Besides, the high temperature also causes dry scalp leading to dandruff and itching.

Hairdressing in many different salons

Having a salon that understands your hair, choosing the right products for your hair will save you time and money, but also ensure you have a more suitable hairstyle. Therefore, if you have chosen a salon that makes you satisfied, please choose a loyal friend to that salon to achieve the highest aesthetic effect.

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