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8 things to avoid if you have thin hair

If you have thin hair, you need to have appropriate hair care and maintenance methods. In particular, you must avoid doing the following.

1. Avoid frequent heat styling

Hot tools such as straighteners and blow dryers are generally not recommended for thinning hair. You need to avoid frequent use of these harmful items, because the excessive heat brought by hair styling products will weaken the roots and ends of the hair. You should only use them once a week.

2. Avoid using gel and hairspray

If you apply gel spray to your hair, your hair will look greasy and feel thinner. Instead, use sprays with natural ingredients to add volume to your hair.

3. Use chemical-laden hair care products

The market is full of brands that offer different hair products but they don't really work for your hair. Because most of these products are full of chemicals that damage hair. You should choose hair products that are free of ieparaben and sulfates, and choose a mild shampoo for daily use.

4. Buy thickening products

There are many products on the market that make thin hair thicker and stronger. However, such hair thickening products mainly contain many harmful chemicals that can aggravate your hair problems.

5. Applying too much oil

Many people mistakenly think that applying a lot of conditioner to their hair daily will help improve the texture of the hair. Of course, oiling is great for your hair, but too much oil can cause dandruff and make your hair fall out even more. Instead, apply a small amount of the oil and gently massage it into your roots every day.

6. Take hair growth pills

Most of the hair growth drugs currently on the market are not effective, and worse, can lead to many side effects. Therefore, you should stop using hair growth pills without the guidance of experts.

If you have thin hair, you need to have a proper hair care routine. Photo: Boldsky.

7. Inappropriate diet

If you follow a proper diet that includes vegetables, dairy products, eggs, meat, fresh fruits, healthy juices, nuts, etc., then this will have a positive impact on your health. your hair health. You need to avoid eating too much junk food because high sodium intake can lead to thinning hair problems.

8. Not enough exercise

Exercise is a great way to take care of and improve your overall health, including your hair. Different exercise or yoga poses will help circulate blood and oxygen to the head, so your hair roots will be stronger and your hair problems will be improved.

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