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9 mistakes when losing weight that make all your efforts "failure"

The 9 things below may be the reason why you practice day and night, diet hard but still can't get the waist you want.

1. Diet without a plan

Many of us think that just by eating less or eating more vegetables, fruits, and vegetables, it is possible to lose weight quickly without caring about the balance of nutrients between meals during the day. . Pay attention to how you plan your meals for the day and the week.


2. Do only one exercise

Exercising the same exercise or method over a long period of time will allow your body to adapt to that mode of exercise. Over time, your body won't make the "needed changes," and your waistline or biceps won't get any slimmer. In addition, you also need to try many other forms of exercise such as yoga, pilates, HIIT, HILIT, jogging, ...

3. Eat too little

Eating too little or not enough can lead to a sudden drop in metabolic rate, causing dizziness, weakness, and baldness. Even leaving the body hungry not only does not help you lose weight "quickly" as desired, but it can also cause your body to automatically reduce metabolism.


4. Do "heavy" exercises

We often make the mistake of choosing our exercises, thinking that "heavy" exercises will burn more calories. However, the truth is that light exercises have a higher degree of connection between parts of the body, thereby burning more fat.

5. Use a belt instead of a workout

Using a waist belt can lead to serious health hazards. Exercises like plank, sit-ups, side plank are the right method to help you achieve a slim waist in the right way.


6. Only exercise the waist without paying attention to other parts

In addition to focused movements for the abdomen, combining abdominal exercises with other parts such as shoulders and hips is also very important. Combining exercises with different parts of the body will make you burn more fat and get a fit body.

On the contrary, if you avoid developing shoulder and hip muscles, you will probably only shrink the lower abdomen, but it will be difficult to reduce the excess fat on your hips.

7. Just focus on losing weight without worrying about muscle bundles

It is a fact that our body will not become fit and healthy without the necessary amount of muscle, even for women. Lean muscle is what gives us that toned, strong appearance, and it also helps increase the body's metabolism.

8. Don't try the "deep breath" method

All you need to do is inhale through your nose while drawing your stomach in, then exhale for as long as possible through your mouth. While your lungs are empty, inhale deeply and hold it for 5 to 20 seconds.

9. Don't let the muscles relax

According to experts, we should not use the same muscle groups for many days in a row. This can cause the muscles not to have time to relax, recover and improve the body.

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