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99% of women make mistakes when skincare makes their skin degrade and sag

The vast majority of women when taking care of their skin, but not properly, easily make some mistakes that make the skin sag and age without braking.


Establishing a skin care routine full of steps and always strictly following it is an extremely important step to owning a fresh, perfect skin, with as few defects as possible. However, there are mistakes you may still be making in skin care that you don't pay attention to but have extremely bad effects, causing all other efforts to no longer have the desired results, skin forever. does not look good.

Using too many skincare products

When faced with certain skin problems, many women tend to worry and use every skincare product they have. But don't do that. When your skin is already irritated and sensitive, you shouldn't make it worse.

Instead of using too many products, Dr. Tiffany Jow Libby of New York recommends simplifying skin care. In particular, use a gentle cleanser, a benign cream or a product capable of repairing and restoring the skin. Follow this advice and in about a week, your skin will regain its balance.

Using too many exfoliating products or products that are too strong for the skin

Exfoliation is an extremely important and essential step in skin care. But if you use a physical exfoliator (granular or peel), your skin tends to be more susceptible to damage, moisture loss, and flaking because it is difficult to control the force of application as well as the extent. products you use. Instead, use chemical exfoliants, typically AHAs and BHAs. These active ingredients work directly on the skin, helping to remove the right layer of dead cells, stimulating the production of new cells and helping the skin surface to be bright and healthy.

Using retinol the wrong way

"Applying retinol is an essential skincare step in a good skin care routine, especially if you have acne. However, I often see patients make the mistake of using retinol too often, leading to dry skin, peeling and irritation," says Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky Pollock of Pennsylvania.

The way to correct this mistake is to start taking retinol slowly, slowly. Initially, you should only use retinol a few times per week, then gradually increase the frequency as your skin gets used to this ingredient. You also only need to apply a pea-sized amount of retinol. Another important tip is to wait about 20 minutes after washing your face before applying retinol. When the skin is still moist, it will absorb a large amount of product, causing further irritation. If your skin is too dry, try mixing retinol with a moisturizer.

Do not use sunscreen

The sun has terrible effects on the skin, they both make the skin red, burn, burn, sunburn, and have the ability to destroy skin cells, causing aging, wrinkles, skin pigmentation disorders, even even skin cancer. So no matter what the weather, whether you're exposed to direct sunlight or not, make sure you always wear sunscreen during the day.

Use acne patch

Acne patch is a quick solution to help you get rid of acne, sebum in the nose. However, acne patches with high adhesion can hurt this skin area, the peeling and pulling movements also cause the skin to stretch, the pores to enlarge, the skin to sag and age faster.

Instead of using acne patches, you can switch to exfoliating products containing AHA, BHA to help deep clean the skin from the inside without causing damage to the skin.

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