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A must-have ingredient in autumn sunscreen

All year round, UV rays are always the enemy of your skin no matter what season, sunny or rainy...

The weather begins to calm down, the sun is no longer too bright, that's when autumn knocks on the door. Gentle cool weather makes your skin less oily and stuffy. But that doesn't mean you can neglect your skin care, especially protecting your skin from the sun. The harmful effects of UV rays do not depend on sunny or sunny days, summer or autumn and winter; but all year round, UV rays are always a mortal enemy to your skin.


There is no relationship between the harmful effects of UV rays and the seasons of the year

Just wearing sunscreen when the sun is shining or in the hot summer sun is a misconception. In fact, even when there is no bright sunlight like in the summer, in the fall, UV rays still have a damaging effect on the skin.

Although the sun is not harsh, the amount of UV rays does not decrease. The sunlight of autumn will not cause sunburn like summer, but the impact of UV rays still breaks collagen bonds in the skin epidermis, causing sagging skin and imprinting of aging wrinkles.

Criteria for choosing sunscreen in Autumn is different from summer

Summer sunscreen, in addition to protecting the skin from the sun, needs to ensure the criteria of oil-free, long-lasting. In the fall, the weather is cool but the dry season begins, you will need a tube of moisturizing sunscreen with a slightly thicker texture.

Experts share, the skin in the fall and winter is not as stable as you think, the skin is easily dehydrated, so you should use a hypoallergenic physical cream, add moisturizing ingredients, and anti-oxidants. soften and soothe the skin. In addition to preventing skin aging caused by ultraviolet rays, the cream can also prevent dehydration, dryness due to aging and UV rays.

Autumn sunscreen not only protects but also nourishes the skin

The selection of sunscreen in the fall and winter should not only look at sun protection but consider the cream tube as a skin care product. What you need to prevent in the fall and winter is not tanning but aging. The number one priority is sunscreen lotions that moisturize and soothe the skin, stabilizing the balance between oil and water so that the skin remains soft and firm throughout this dry season.

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