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Apply scar cream properly and effectively

Scar cream is one of the most popular scar treatment methods today. However, using the wrong medication will make the treatment ineffective. Therefore, it is necessary to choose and use scar cream properly to help heal scars quickly...

‏1. What is the right way to use scar cream?‏

Scar cream is a topical product that is used to support the treatment of many types of scars such as pitted scars , dark scars , concave scars, keloid scars.

Scar cream should be used after the serum, moisturizer step in the skin care routine . This helps the skin to be more nourished and better absorbed during the scar treatment process.‏

‏In addition, in the process of skin care, it is necessary to note the following to ensure the effectiveness of scar treatment and proper skin care.‏

  • ‏Choose the right scar cream for your skin condition.
  • ‏Use scar cream of clear origin, reputable quality.‏
  • ‏Wash your hands and clean your face before applying scar cream.‏
  • ‏Massage gently so that the scar cream penetrates the scar better.‏
  • ‏Apply scar cream as directed by a specialist or doctor, usually twice a day morning and evening.‏
  • ‏Scar treatment is a process that requires time and perseverance, so you need to strictly follow the treatment course because no scar cream can work overnight.‏
  • Always apply sunscreen before going out because scars are very sensitive to the sun.

Scar treatment requires patience and time.

‏2. Criteria for choosing the right scar cream

For successful scar treatment, choosing the right scar cream is very important. Refer to the steps to find the right scar cream below to help you choose the best product for you.

2.1 Identify the type of scar

Normally, there are different types of scars: keloid scars, concave scars, pitted scars, dark scars...

Depending on the type of scar, there will be different special scar treatment creams. Therefore, you should choose a specific treatment product suitable for your condition, avoid choosing a product that specializes in treating keloids for concave scars, or special products for treating concave scars for dark scars.

‏ 2.2 Determining the age of the scar

The degree of skin damage due to scarring and the age of the scar are factors to consider in order to help you choose the right scar cream and treatment method. Newly formed scars will fade faster than old scars. Therefore, if you have a new scar, you should quickly use a scar cream to help the wound heal faster.

‏ 2.3 Medicinal

‏Learn about the ingredients of anti-scar drugs that help limit skin irritation with the ingredients of the medicine.

For successful scar treatment, choosing the right scar cream is very important.

‏ 2.4 Choose a quality

‏Should choose a reputable scar cream product, with a reliable origin, with clear quality control. Pay attention to choose products with clear information to ensure effective skin care and safety.

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