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Are you using the wrong conditioner?

The wrong habits when using conditioner can make your hair look less lifelike and more prone to damage.

A bouncy, well-groomed and neatly trimmed hair after leaving the hair salon is what many women desire. But this smoothness can only last a short time if you do not know how to wash your hair properly.

According to hairstylists from L'Oreal, the habit of using improper conditioners for hair is the biggest reason why hair does not become as perfect as when it was just cared for.

Here are 4 common ways to use the wrong conditioner:


1. Using too much conditioner

The main use of conditioner is to restore moisture to the hair after being exposed to heat or dye. Using too much conditioner in one wash can cause excess moisture, creating an unnecessary shine.

So, use the right amount of conditioner according to the instructions for use so that the hair is properly moisturized.

2. Apply conditioner to the roots of your hair

Some people have a habit of applying conditioner from the roots to the ends of their hair. But according to leading stylist in New York, Nunzio Saviano said:

“The hairline has a natural oil production capacity to moisturize, so using conditioner in this area can make your hair look greasy and less bouncy.”

3. Do not choose a two-in-one shampoo

Using or just using a shampoo with built-in conditioner often doesn't provide enough moisture after coloring or styling in the salon. The director of the NY Fox & Jane salon chain, Lorean Cairns, said that hair that lacks the conditioner step is often brittle and easier to dry out once it has gone through the styling step.

Therefore, choosing to use a specialized conditioner and using it properly will make your hair always bouncy and smooth without spending too much money.

4. Haven't found the right conditioner for your hair type

The texture of each hair type will determine which conditioner you should use. To test if your hair has thick, thin or curly hair, try dropping a strand of hair in a glass of water and observe.

If your hair sinks to the bottom of the glass, it means that the hair is highly porous and prone to damage that needs intensive moisturizing. In contrast, the hair that floats to the surface of the water is advised by experts to only use a mild conditioner to avoid greasy hair.

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