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Basic makeup tips are effective assistants for oily skin

The following simple but basic makeup tips will be an effective "assistant" to help you conquer all difficulties of oily skin.

Oily skin has many problems, just keeping the makeup neat is very difficult. Oily skin makes makeup easy to flow, eyeliner smudges and foundation patchy. However, don't worry too much. The following simple but basic makeup tips will be "assistants" to help her solve this situation.

Prefer long-lasting foundation

Oily skin tends to wash off makeup easily. Therefore, it is important to choose makeup products that are long-lasting and do not cause breakouts on the skin. They won't clog pores, giving you a fresh look all day long.


Never forget the primer

They can better control oil, protect both your skin and your makeup, so applying primer is not superfluous. Primers also prevent cosmetics from getting “stuck” between your pores. With such great uses, remember to always use this product every time you "beautify" your face.

Simply the best

Always stick to a rule that, “simple is best”. You should use less product and blend evenly. Moreover, "plastering" a series of products on the skin is also not ideal. Keep makeup to a minimum to let your skin rest and relax.

Loyalty to oil-free products

Oily skin inherently has many problems, so the "requirements" are even more stringent. Make sure the products you use are oil-free. At the same time, you should prioritize water-based products. They are the safest form of products for oily skin.


Do not abuse chalk

Using powder to “treat” oil production from the skin seems like a good way to prevent makeup from becoming oily. Using too much powder will make your face look rough and very rough, "fake", clearly see the layer of powder floating on the face. And yet, this sometimes backfires, stimulating the skin to produce more oil than before, which is something you don't want at all.

Always carry blotting paper

Blotting paper is an indispensable "companion" for oily skin girls. This skin type is constantly producing oil, so within a few hours, the skin will become greasy. Blotting paper is the smartest solution to this problem. Keep a pack of blotting papers handy. Whenever you feel your skin starting to look greasy, just take out the paper and gently blot it out.

Whether you prefer hot colors or classic neutrals, with oily skin, beauticians have the perfect suggestions to help you become the sweet sexy girl or the beautiful lady. sexy.

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