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Revealing 5 secrets of hand skin rejuvenation for busy housewives

Taking care of your hands is just as important as taking care of your face. especially for busy housewives when they have to frequently with high temperatures and detergents. Here are 5 tips to help you "rejuvenate your hands" effectively, despite taking on daily housework.

Wrinkled and dry hand skin is a very common condition, especially for housewives. In order to always keep the house clean and take care of family members, housewives almost spend a lot of time arranging and cleaning every nook and cranny.

This inadvertently causes women's hands to come into contact with household cleaning products, exposed to hot temperatures when cooking, from which hands become wrinkled and rough, which is unavoidable. If not cared for and protected in time, the aging rate of the skin of the hands is faster than the skin of the face, it will become dark, wrinkled and calloused which is difficult to improve.

Hands are tools to work, to comfort, to protect and transmit love to family members. Therefore, it is important for all women, especially housewives, to take care of the skin of their hands to stay young every day.

1. Clean, proper hand hygiene

Just like facial skin, daily hand hygiene is the key to better hand skin care steps. Every day, housewives' hands have to move and come into contact with the environment, dust, heat when cooking as well as doing housework.

Keeping your hands clean will help you prevent germs and disease-causing bacteria. Every day you should wash your hands with specialized hand sanitizers containing aloe vera, olive oil... and wash with cold water instead of hot water to avoid dry and peeling hands.

Limit the use of antibacterial soaps because they contain a lot of ingredients that cause dryness and aging of the skin of the hands. But due to the epidemic situation, when you use these soaps, you need to make sure to moisturize your hands well.


2. Exfoliate your hands regularly

Dead cells gradually accumulate on the skin of the hands, which is the cause of the rough, rough and difficult to absorb nutrients when using creams. So every week you should exfoliate 2-3 times to help your hands become softer. For hand skin, you can use physical exfoliation methods such as using a mixture of olive oil and sugar and gently massage your hands for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

In addition, you can make a hand mask from avocado, egg yolk and lemon juice by mixing these ingredients together, then applying it to your hands and keeping it for about 20 minutes. Next, you just need to rinse with clean water, you can feel your hands are noticeably smoother.


3. Use hand moisturizer every day

For facial skin, the moisturizing phase is very important and it is also the most important step in the hand skin care routine. When choosing moisturizing products for hand skin, you should choose products with effective moisturizing ability, safe and benign ingredients list for the skin. You should use hand cream twice in the morning and at night.

For people with dry skin or in winter you can apply more, and apply lotion anytime when hands feel rough. If your hands are peeling and rough, you can apply lotion first, then wear a pair of thin cotton gloves to bed at night. These are the tips to make the skin of your hands softer and smoother every day. In addition, you can apply vitamin E on the part around the nails to own a beautiful pair of hands.


4. Use gloves when doing housework

When doing housework, the skin of your hands has to be exposed to a lot of dirt, causing skin aging and roughening your hands. Not only that, the use of daily home cleaning tools will make your hands appear calloused, worsening your hands.

So, instead of using your hands directly to do housework, use specialized gloves such as rubber gloves. When washing dishes, washing clothes or cleaning the toilet, the use of rubber gloves will help you limit skin corrosion by detergents.


5. Drinking water is an effective way to soften hands

Providing enough water for the body will help the skin avoid peeling, cracking, dry, wrinkled or accelerated aging. Therefore, every day you should drink enough water to provide enough water for your body to keep your skin soft and smooth. In addition to drinking water, you should also set up for yourself a scientific diet to supplement nutrition for healthy skin and nails.

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