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4 habits of working people using air conditioners make their skin look worse

These air conditioning habits are very popular in the summer, so you should fix them immediately to avoid damaging collagen to your skin.

Forgot to drink water while sitting in air conditioner all day

In the workplace these days, many people just like to sit in a cool air-conditioned room. The comfort that the air conditioner brings makes women forget to drink water often.


Water is very necessary for the body, especially in the hot summer. Sitting in the air conditioner continuously for a long time from day to day will make you dry skin, dry eyes, sore neck. Not adding water in time will make this situation worse and dangerous to health. And of course, for women, this is a habit of draining collagen in the summer very quickly.

Prepare yourself with full water bottles and clean drinking cups when working in an air-conditioned room. You can set a timer to drink water. In your daily diet, you should eat lots of green vegetables and fruits to provide the necessary amount of water and minerals for the body.

Do not bring mineral spray with you

Many women subjectively sit in the air conditioner to work 6-8 hours a day but do not bring any skin care products, over time the skin will become dry, lack moisture and lack vitality.

For instant hydration when the skin is dry and tight, a mineral spray bottle is something that you should always keep in your bag. You can use it several times a day. Especially for those who often wear makeup, mineral spray will help the powder adhere more tightly.

Touch your face often

Sitting all day at the office will cause the skin to produce more sebum. Overactive oil glands can easily clog pores. Not to mention the girls often have the habit of touching their faces unconsciously. And hands are the place to come into contact with billions of places containing millions of bacteria on computer keyboards, phones, elevators, etc.

The hotter it is, the lower the temperature should be turned on the air conditioner

Turning on the air conditioner at too low a temperature not only consumes electricity but also easily causes users to suffer thermal shock due to the difference with the outside temperature when going out and going in, causing many health consequences.

Even on hot sunny days, the temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius compared to outside. Except for hot days above 35 degrees Celsius, you can leave the air conditioner at 28 degrees Celsius.

On hot days, only turn on the air conditioner at 28 - 29 degrees Celsius to protect health. Adding a cooling fan will be a better way to protect the health of office workers.

Use the air conditioner but do not use the electric fan

In the office environment, everyone seems to only care about using the air conditioner, not thinking about having to have a fan. Many people think that turning on more fans when using the air conditioner is a waste.

In fact, using a combination of fan and air conditioner both saves electricity because you can use the air conditioner at a higher temperature, and at the same time make the air in the room circulate better. Since then, people with air conditioning also feel healthier because the air is cooler in the room, helping people working without temperature changes when commuting.

In addition, to have a healthy, youthful skin, you should pay special attention to proper use and use of quality sunscreen. Because if you can't protect your skin, no matter how expensive cosmetics are used, it will be a waste.

In eating and drinking, should drink more water, should bring moisturizer, mineral spray, supplement with vitamins A, C, and E.

Skin aging rapidly over time, so it is necessary to take care of the skin daily and should go to reputable facilities for advice and intensive care.

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