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Causes and treatment of acne when wearing a mask

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, many people have to wear masks every time they go out. However, having acne when wearing a mask is a concern of many people. Especially, with women, they are more worried about this issue. So what this is really damaged?

Acne when wearing a mask - what's wrong?

 Does wearing a mask cause acne?

Masks are considered an essential item in life. They help prevent dust from the environment, sunlight, and contribute to protecting human health. There are many different types of masks such as cloth masks, medical masks, "high-tech" masks with modern pollution filters... However, common in life is still the appearance of medical masks. This is a disposable mask with good protection and affordable cost. Therefore, users often prioritize the choice.

There has not been a single study to prove that wearing a mask causes acne. However, in fact, the situation of wearing a mask with acne still occurs. This problem can be caused by many reasons. If you know how to wear a mask properly, take good care of your skin, you will definitely prevent this phenomenon.

Why does wearing a mask cause acne?

There are many reasons why you get acne when wearing a mask. Especially in the current time when the Covid-19 epidemic is spreading. Wearing a mask when going out is an essential action of every citizen. Accordingly, there are quite a few women who complain about why wearing a mask causes acne. Some of the factors may include:

Wearing a mask is not safe

Medical masks also have their own standards. Some requirements of medical masks are required such as not to chlorosis 1mg of lead, 0.17mg of arsenic, 0.12mg of mercury per 1kg/product. In addition, this type of mask is also a filter, bactericidal, respiratory aid or regulations set forth by the Health Authority.

If you use a poor quality mask that does not meet the standards, you will definitely be affected. Not only health problems but acne skin condition is also understandable. Therefore, you should choose carefully when buying a mask. You can go to pharmacies, hospitals, medical facilities or reputable brands… to buy products.

One more issue needs to be mentioned. Those who use cloth masks but do not often wash them. When you wear a dirty mask, of course your face will be affected. Wearing a mask when it is still wet or wet can also lead to dermatitis, allergies, and rashes.

Using an inappropriate mask

If your skin is allergic to mask material, it also leads to acne. In addition, conditions such as skin redness, itching, blisters around the mouth, allergies... can also be caused by masks. In particular, the areas of skin that are in direct contact with the mask are more easily affected.

Masks made from synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon... are often very irritating to the skin. For your safety, you should avoid these types of masks.

How often do you use masks?

Wearing a mask for too long and often will cause acne. Dermatologists say that cases of wearing masks for a long time cause the skin of the face to be blocked. As a result, the pores are clogged and not clear. This is a favorable condition for acne-causing bacteria to grow. This leads to acne-prone skin which is understandable. You should adjust the time to wear the mask so that your skin can "breathe".

Wearing a mask incorrectly

When you wear or remove a mask, touching your face too much will cause acne. Your hands, due to the habit of touching many places, definitely contain many bacteria. Therefore, touching the face many times will dirty the skin. As a result, it creates conditions for acne to arise and spread.

Skin care is not guaranteed

In addition to the causes caused by the mask, the daily skin care process also affects a lot. If the skin is not cleaned and protected carefully, wearing a mask creates favorable conditions for bacteria and acne-causing agents to grow and multiply. Therefore, you should also review your daily cleansing and skin care regimen.


As shared before, doctors concluded that wearing a mask for too long will make the skin secret and cause acne. If you have acne, wearing a mask regularly will make the problem worse. However, in the current situation of covid 19 epidemic, it is impossible not to wear a mask.

Therefore, you should control the time you wear a mask if you can reduce it as little as possible. Limit going out, contact with other people when not necessary. Pay attention to clean skin, apply acne medication to protect the skin in the most comprehensive way.

How to wear a mask without acne

According to dermatologists, the following ways to wear a mask without acne are quite simple and effective. You just need to pay attention and take it seriously, you will definitely have healthy skin.

Use a mask properly

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after removing the mask. In addition, you should also clean your face thoroughly, avoid wearing a mask, making your face even more dirty and frustrating.

When using a medical mask, it should only be used once and changed immediately. In case you use a cloth mask, it should be washed and dried before using. Pay attention not to use dirty, damp, torn masks...

After about 4 hours, the mask should be removed to allow the skin to breathe for about 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to remove the mask when in a safe area such as a private house, room, at least 2m away from other people...

Choose the right mask

To avoid being allergic to mask materials, you should choose masks of reputable brands. In addition, it is recommended to choose a mask with a smooth surface that is not ruffled. It is best to feel comfortable when wearing it on the face. Some masks with cotton lining are also a perfect suggestion for you.

Pay attention to the skin care regime when wearing a mask

When wearing a mask, avoid using too much moisturizer or makeup. Especially girls with oily skin, combination skin, oily skin... should remember this carefully. The thick layer of powder or moisturizer that is "wrapped" under the mask only makes the skin more uncomfortable. Over time, it can cause skin irritation, acne, redness …

It is recommended to use sunscreen with a light texture, quickly absorbed to protect the skin best. In addition, every day, pay attention to washing your face, exfoliating, removing makeup ... so that the skin can "breathe". Clean skin is essential for healthy, younger looking skin.

With the information explaining the causes and treatment of acne when wearing a mask above, hope you will know how to take care of your skin. Listen to your skin and have the most perfect, comprehensive protection and care regimen.

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