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Choosing toner for dry skin is not as difficult as you think

Toner is an indispensable step in your daily skincare routine. In addition to the main task of helping to balance the pH and soothing the skin, toner also has a deep cleansing effect, brushing away excess sebum and dirt on the skin. 

If you have dry, rough skin, choosing the right toner is very important. So what criteria must a toner for dry skin meet?

1.What is a toner?

Toners are commonly known as rose water. This is an indispensable product in the skincare bag of women, especially those with dry skin. Toners for dry skin can penetrate deep into the pores, remove dirt in the areas of the skin that the cleanser does not fully wash, remove sebum, and help the skin absorb nutrients from the lotion better than copper. It tightens pores, prevents acne and balances the pH of the skin.

Toners for dry skin

2.Toner for dry skin is really important

Never underestimate toner if you have dry skin. Dry skin is prone to flaking and aging. Regular use of toner for dry skin helps to keep the skin soft and smooth.
Toners for dry skin with cleansing power

Toners help the skin clear and dry by removing dirt, excess sebum, and excess oil on the skin. Toner is an effective assistant to help your skin be cleaned deeper and softer.

Toner for dry skin with moisturizing ability

Even if you use a cleanser specifically for dry skin, the pH of the skin is still out of balance. Therefore, Toner for dry skin will do its job properly, which is to moisturize absolutely, bring the skin back to balance, create a stable environment for a healthy skin. This is the stepping stone for the following care steps to work better.

3.Notes when choosing a toner for dry skin

Dry skin is a type of skin that produces less oil, ages quickly and becomes very sensitive. In order for the skincare process to be complete, choosing the right toner should be noted. When you understand your skin, you will find the most suitable care products.

In the Korean cosmetic market , please note how to choose a toner for dry skin to find the right product for you:

Prioritize choosing toners with good moisturizing and moisturizing properties

A good moisturizing toner for dry skin is a toner that contains ingredients such as Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid ... or contains extracts from ingredients such as chamomile, aloe, lavender, and rose.

Absolutely avoid Toner with alcohol

As you know, dry skin easily loses water. So if you use Toner products with too high alcohol content, it will make the skin much more rough and sensitive.

4. How to use Toner for dry skin properly?

After completing the cleansing step of the skin with makeup remover and cleanser, pour the Toner onto a cotton pad, gently wipe it all over the face. Wait for the toner to dry and then continue with the remaining skincare steps.

SOME BY MI Miraheal Toner is a line of toners for dry skin loved by girls:

Moisturises and softens skin
Tightens pores and brightens skin
Mild acidity, no fragrances used
Extract natural ingredients
Absolutely safe for sensitive skin, oily skin, acne skin
Foam form makes it more economical and convenient to use

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