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Collagen and what you need to know

What is collagen and how it works, surely many of us still do not understand. So let's find out how effective collagen is for our body.


Uses of collagen

Using collagen to care and nurture the skin from deep within is a method favored by beauty believers today. Not only helps to keep the skin beautiful, young and smooth, but also helps women retain their youthful features.

What is collagen? And why is collagen increasingly popular?

Collagen is supplied to the body through the use of collagen-rich foods or supplements. With the ability to bind cells together, collagen is likened to an important adhesive "glue" that plays a decisive role in the elasticity of the skin, keeping the skin smooth and firm.

From the age of 25, the skin of most women will begin to appear wrinkles, large pores, melasma ... It is a manifestation of collagen deficiency, causing skin aging and many other manifestations. health and beauty. The consequence of collagen deficiency is that facial muscles can be loose, saggy, appear wrinkles and sag more. Therefore, collagen was born as a "salvation" solution for old age and beauty. And to maintain a sustainable beauty, a youthful and smooth skin, collagen supplementation is extremely necessary.

What types of collagen are there on the market?

Currently, there are two popular types of collagen supplements on the market: collagen peptides and collagen tripeptides.

Collagen peptides are actually a hydrolyzed form of collagen. These amino acids play an important role in slowing down the formation of wrinkles and dryness, resulting in healthy, smooth and vibrant skin.

Unlike collagen peptides, collagen tripeptide is a new line of raw materials, applying modern hydrolysis technology. Therefore, collagen tripeptide has good absorption ability, can be directly absorbed through the digestive system and blood immediately after taking. Therefore, the dose used is also lower.

How to distinguish collagen types?

As a "salvation" in beauty care, bringing a rosy, healthy, fresh skin, collagen becomes a "fat bait" of those who take advantage of the trust of women when advertising sell low-quality, unbranded products.

So, how to distinguish what is real collagen and fake collagen?

- Via the barcode affixed on the product. Barcodes have the effect of tracing origin from the country of manufacture, records of goods entering through customs.

- Ensuring food safety standards: being licensed for circulation in Vietnam, having documents related to product quality.

- Buy at places that sell genuine collagen.

Be a fastidious consumer when there is a need to buy products for your health and beauty. All advertisements should be for reference only and take the time to thoroughly research them before purchasing the product.

First, you should put your trust in well-known, quality-tested brands. Using fake, poor-quality products that have no effect on skin care but can also cause allergies, even causing serious consequences for health and beauty.

Second, learn about the ingredients in collagen. You should refer to collagen tripeptide lines, which are hydrolyzed collagen types that can be absorbed directly through the digestive system for good results.

- Third, find a reputable collagen supplier. A reputable collagen distributor will provide: source of goods, tax code, registration information, authentic address ... That is the basis for you to determine the quality of the product you are about to buy.

Mistakes to avoid to take collagen to get good results

In fact, there are many people who use collagen incorrectly. This is not only ineffective, but also damages the skin and affects health. The cause is due to improper supplementation in terms of dosage, time, as well as product selection, etc.

Although it is known that collagen has the effect of supporting aging, supporting skin beauty, it is not advisable to supplement to the point where it is both expensive and ineffective. The human body only absorbs a sufficient amount, the excess will be eliminated through the digestive system. Nor should "meals and meals not". To be effective, it is necessary to supplement regularly, for a long time to see results. Taking collagen before sleeping and right after waking up is the most suitable time.

The biggest mistake women make is when they see bad skin, they take care of them. When the skin deteriorates, it means that the internal skin structure has gradually aged. It will take a lot of time and effort to restore your skin. So, look for clear, quality collagen from countries with advanced production technology to use.

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