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Diet according to the military weight loss regime - Loss 5kg in 1 week

Military weight loss diet is one of the methods that many people apply because it is said to help lose weight quickly, can lose up to 5kg within a week. What is the truth about this weight loss regimen? Is it really "divine" weight loss as rumored? Let's dig deeper to learn more about this method!

What is the military style weight loss method?

The military diet, also known as the 3-day diet, can help you lose up to 5kg in a week. This diet is made like a military diet. The main criterion is that although eating less, still ensures the amount of calories loaded into the body; helps the body to function normally, without causing fatigue and discomfort.

Military weight loss method can help you lose 5kg in 1 week

Only from 1-2 weeks to follow the right diet and combine moderate exercise; You can lose 4-5kg depending on the condition of each person. Therefore, many overweight people have come to this method as an effective way to lose weight.

Many people believe that military weight loss was created by nutritionists in the US military; to help soldiers get in shape and standard weight in a short time. However, the truth is that this method has nothing to do with any military organization.

What are the advantages of military-style weight loss?

The first is the ability to get back in shape quickly and easily. If you want to have a perfect body, toned abs; In addition to going to the gym, you can stay at home and eat according to the military diet method to get the results you want. Reducing the amount of calories in the body means eliminating a lot of junk food, fast food, alcohol ...

According to science, this regimen is clearly helpful; help prevent dangerous diseases such as obesity, diabetes... Losing weight forces you to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, drink a lot of water; especially detox drinks to help purify the body. This helps to add many essential vitamins and maintain the beauty of the skin.

Is the military weight loss diet effective?

The answer is yes. Limiting your calorie intake, your body will burn more energy than it uses, and you will lose weight quickly; even lose up to 5kg within 1 week as previous experiencers have shared. However, the diet is only designed to last for 1 week. If you are looking for a breakthrough in your weight loss process, this is definitely a method you can try. 

Is military weight loss safe and healthy?

The military diet appears to be safe for the average person because it is too short to cause lasting harm. However, if applied for many months; Strict calorie limits can put you at risk for nutrient deficiencies.

This is especially true if you don't regularly eat vegetables and other quality foods during the day. In addition, eating hot dogs, cookies and ice cream every week can cause metabolic problems. In particular, junk food should not be part of your diet.

Is military weight loss really safe and healthy?

In terms of sustainability, this diet is pretty easy to follow. It requires no long-term habit change, and only requires willpower for a short period of time. That said, the military diet will not help you lose weight in the long run because it won't change your habits.

As such, the military diet appears to be safe for healthy people, but it shouldn't be used for long periods of time. It may not lead to lasting weight loss.

How is the military-style weight loss regime done?

The military-style diet is done on a weekly basis; consisting of 3 days of a pre-programmed diet followed by 4 days of rest; Repeat until the target weight is reached.

Military diet meal plan

This is the 3 day meal plan under the military weight loss regimen.

The first day

Let's start with meal planning for the first day. It accounts for about 1,400 calories. As follows:Breakfast: 1 small apple + 2 slices of toasted black bread with peanut butter + 1 cup of coffee without sugar.
Lunch: 100g steamed salmon + 200g boiled sweet potato + 1 cup unsweetened celery juice.
Dinner: 100g boiled chicken breast + 1 bowl of vegetable salad without sauce + 1/2 banana + 1 cup of low-fat milk.

The second day

The total calorie intake for this day is about 1,200 calories.Breakfast: One slice of toast + One boiled egg + ½ banana + One cup of coffee or tea (optional).
Lunch: One hard-boiled egg + One cup of cottage cheese + 5 saltine crackers + One cup of coffee or tea (optional).
Dinner: Two sausages, no chili + ½ cup carrots and ½ cup broccoli + ½ banana + ½ cup vanilla ice cream.

The third day

Below is the meal plan for day 3, with a total calorie intake of 1,100 calories/day.Breakfast: 1 slice of cheese + 5 crackers + 1 small apple + 1 cup of coffee or tea (optional).
Lunch: One slice of toast + One egg, cooked or prepared to taste + A cup of coffee or tea (optional).
Dinner: ½ cup tuna + ½ banana + 1 cup vanilla ice cream.

Beverages such as coffee or tea are comfortable to drink; Just don't add sugar or cream. You should also drink plenty of water while on the military diet.

Four days left

For the remaining 4 days: Snacks are allowed and there is no food group limit for snacks. However, you are encouraged to limit portions and keep total calories below 1,500 calories per day.

Foods that can be added in the military weight loss regimen

During the first 3 days of meal planning; you can substitute foods for dietary supplements; but the servings must have the same number of calories. For example, if you are allergic to peanuts, you can substitute peanut butter for almond butter.

If you are a vegetarian, you can also replace a cup of tuna with a few almonds; and just make sure the calories stay the same. If you change your meal plan in any way, you need to count your calories. People who follow the military-style diet should drink hot lemonade; and should be avoided for drinks with artificial sweeteners.

In short, if you're on a calorie-restricted diet; it is completely allowed to use substitute foods with equivalent calorie content.

How long should the military diet be for?

Experts recommend that you only do this regimen within 1 week and do not recommend applying this regimen for too long. If applied for a long time can cause significant nutrient deficiencies; will be the cause of the body's nutritional deficiency; leads to more cravings and makes the weight loss process delay, even lead to failure.

If you are looking for a "fast" weight loss method, this method will really be a good solution. But in the long run, other methods like Eatclean; Intermittent Fasting or Keto would be much more suitable.

The flip side of the military-style weight loss regime

With the military-style weight loss method, you will have to maintain a strict weight loss diet; this can cause stress for the applicator.

With cutting calories; the military diet will make us feel hungry more often; that not being supplemented with snacks can cause discomfort and fatigue. These side effects can reduce the benefits mentioned above.

In addition, the military-style diet will reduce your eating pleasure; Some spices will not be included when cooking. Therefore, maintaining a long-term military diet can become a torture.

Depending on the purpose of weight loss and body condition; that we should consider choosing the right weight loss method. If you have poor health or a job that requires a lot of exercise; The military weight loss regimen may not be for you in the long term. To achieve the best weight loss effect; You should consult with your doctor and nutritionist.

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