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Experts point out 5 anti-aging secrets, don't need expensive cosmetics or surgery but still look young

You should pay attention to the following 5 basic things to ensure the anti-aging process is effective.

The skin aging process will be faster from the age of 25, because this is when the skin's structural components, which are protein (collagen - giving skin elasticity) and elastin (giving skin elasticity) show signs of decline. Aging comes faster than many people are aware only when the signs of aging (wrinkles, sagging, crow's feet ...) appear. To deal with this situation, you need to keep the following things in mind.

Prevention is better than cure

The UVA and UVB rays present in the light will break down skin cells causing the skin to age quickly, and increase the melanin pigmentation causing the skin to darken and appear brown spots. Therefore, we should use this sunscreen every day to protect our skin from aging.

Smoke, pollution, ambient infrared radiation will damage the skin every day – Joely Kaufman shares. Joey Kaufman recommends that people use or consume products with antioxidant properties to prevent environmental damage.

Sunscreen acts as a shield to protect the skin from environmental damage, maintains collagen structure, maintains firmness and youthfulness of the skin, reduces the signs of premature aging.

Minimalist skin care routine

All experts have the same opinion: the simpler the skin care process, the better. Half or more of the products we use in our skincare routine are unnecessary. Maybe that product is not suitable for your skin problem. Sometimes, cosmetic companies produce 2 products with the same function, making the skin care process more complicated.

Proper understanding of how to protect skin

Everyone should be aware of the order in which the products are to be used. If not used in the correct order, products will not penetrate the skin causing waste and in some cases irritation. The best way is to read the instructions carefully, or ask the seller or dermatologist for the exact order to use.


Choose a reputable product

In addition to well-researched products with good product quality, there are floating products of unknown origin and using ingredients that are harmful to the skin and health. We should choose reputable products and stores for the best anti-aging facial work.

Wash your face twice a day

Girlfriend needs to wash her face with cleanser once in the evening to clean the dirt and in the morning after waking up. For girls who often wear makeup, before washing their face, there should be a makeup remover step to clean the makeup layer.

Only 5 minutes, but the massage helps to tighten facial muscles against sagging, better blood circulation, thereby maintaining rosy skin, preventing sebum.

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