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Follow the following simple 5-step skin care process, you will not have to worry about premature aging

The modern skincare trend is minimalist skin care, with a reasonable number of products but quality.

A massive ten-step skin care routine has many good points, but if done incorrectly, the process of too many steps can cause irritation, or cause the skin to become clogged and acne-prone. To build a shortened skin care process but bring maximum benefits to the skin, you cannot ignore the following 5 steps. Especially for her 30+, the following skincare steps are even more important.


Just using a facial cleanser is not enough, you will need to remove makeup every night to remove the remnants of the oil base, such as sunscreen residue, makeup… Next, you use a facial cleanser to remove the residue. dirty that the makeup remover product has not fully treated. Prioritize gentle products that clean well but still leave skin soft and comfortable. Thus, the skin will not be worn out, losing its natural moisture. If you follow the right cleaning steps, the skin will become more and more healthy, smooth.


Apply moisturizer

Moisturizer is an indispensable skincare item in the process. By applying moisturizer twice a day, morning and night, you will help your skin stay hydrated.

Note, choose a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid or glycerin, with a formula that does not clog pores to keep skin plump, and avoid acne! For women with oily skin, give preference to a lightweight, fast-absorbing gel cream so as not to worry about squeezing and greasy skin.

Exfoliate dead skin

This product will help remove old cells, leaving you with fresh, smooth skin. Chemical exfoliation also supports removing blackheads, shrinking pores in terms of appearance so that women have flawless skin. Chemical exfoliants also have a "good value for money" point, which is the ability to stimulate collagen production.


Apply vitamin C serum

Antioxidants are very important ingredients in her skincare routine 30, helping to protect the skin from free radicals - the cause of aging.

The simplest way is to use a vitamin C serum. This product will, together with sunscreen, protect the skin more strictly from the agents that cause premature aging. Vitamin C serum also has the added effect of brightening the skin, erasing dark spots, smoothing wrinkles and increasing collagen.

Apply sunscreen

This product will protect your skin from UV rays - the number one enemy that causes premature aging. Applying sunscreen is a daily task, no matter what the weather. In addition, women also need to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours to protect their skin throughout the day.

Shop for a bottle of broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, and has a minimum SPF of 30 for proper skin protection.

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