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Food that helps 'Japanese doll' Ayase Haruka lose nearly 7 kg in a month

During the time of weight loss, actress Ayase Haruka used coriander to replace rice, helping to reduce the amount of calories and starch loaded into the body, thereby losing 6.8 kg in a month.

Actress Ayase Haruka.

According to Sundaymore , Ayase Haruka, which has a neat and slim body, is desired by many people, but there were times when due to work pressure, Ayase gained weight out of control. At this time, she applied a diet with the main ingredient being dishes made from konjac roots.

During the day, Ayase often uses half-cooked noodles or half-rice instead of rice thanks to its low calorie, non-starch advantage. She consumed about 200g of this food and drank another 200ml of warm water about half an hour before her meal. This way helps her to fill up quickly, limiting the amount of food. In parallel with substituting rice half/noodles for regular rice, Ayase also minimizes high-calorie, greasy snacks and replaces it with konjac jelly.

Although the dishes made from the roots are quite ideal for keeping fit and losing weight, experts also recommend not to consume too much for a long time, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies, affecting the health of the body. metabolism of the body.

Nua tubers can be processed into vermicelli, rice, jelly...

Ayase Haruka was born in 1985 and is one of the favorite actors of the Japanese screen. She is from Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. She has a pure beauty, a sweet smile and has been voted many times in the list of the sexiest Japanese beauties, Japanese beauties men desire to date... 

With a height of 1.65 m. Haruka is not only successful as an actress, she is also a magazine model and a popular singer. She is loved with Doctor Jin, Doctor Jin 2, Mr Brain, Rookies... Ayase Haruka has been rumored to be dating Korean actor and singer No Min Woo many times, but always denies it.

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