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Great tips to choose a skin cream for each age to always have vibrant skin

At each age, the skin will have different changes, you need to correctly determine your skin condition to choose the right coating product.

20 years old

If you haven't used acids for skin care, now is the time to start. When it comes to skin acids, the most common are AHAs (Glycolic acid, Lactic acid or Malic acid) and BHA (salicylic acid). Both AHAs and BHAs act as chemical exfoliants, but each offers different benefits.

At the age of 20, your skin is still healthy, you can use sunscreens that have a combination of both physical sunscreen ingredients like zinc oxide, titanium oxide and chemical ingredients like Homosalate or Octocrylene.


Age 30

Entering the age of 30, you will see your skin less and less bright year by year. This is when we need to officially focus on the anti-aging process. If you are still apprehensive about Retinoids, be brave and start using this anti-aging elixir.

Retinoids work by boosting collagen production, thereby reducing the signs of wrinkles. At the same time, retinoids also have the effect of exfoliating the skin, thereby helping other nutrients to penetrate and nourish the skin better, fade dark spots, and have the effect of treating acne.


Age 40

Your skin will feel drier, wrinkles will become more visible, and hormonal changes can lead to dark patches. At this point you will need an effective anti-pigmentation and skin-lightening compound like Tranexamic acid.

Tranexamic acid is one of the acids that support skin lightening as effective as hydroquinone but much more benign. This acid works by inhibiting the synthesis of tyrosinase (the production of pigment) in the melanocytes, while also preventing the transfer of pigment from the melanocytes to the keratinocyte (the cell that synthesizes pigment). keratin in the epidermis). Since then, Tranexamic acid helps reduce dark spots as well as brighten the skin. 


Age 60

At this point you need to switch to benign products, limit skin irritation, starting right from the face wash. No matter how expensive the serum is, if your skin is not clean, the nutrients cannot penetrate, thereby not achieving the desired effect.

In your 60s, your skin becomes more fragile than ever. The skin is not only thinner and more sensitive, but also weaker. The process of cell production decreases, the rate of lipid production slows down, making the skin's protective layer weaker, from which irritants and bacteria easily penetrate, causing inflammation and redness to the skin. You should prioritize moisturizing, supplementing with lipids and ceramides to help strengthen the skin barrier.

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