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Great way to have beautiful natural eyebrows without spending money on cosmetic surgery

Thick eyebrows can create accents for the face, creating natural beauty and equally attractive.

Great way to have beautiful eyebrows

- Do not use tweezers, or at least do not use eyebrow tweezers for about 4 months to give the eyebrows time to recover.

- Add hair, eyebrow and eyelash supplements to your diet. The top ones are biotin (a bio-soluble B vitamin) and viviscal (an amino acid-mineral complex that stimulates hair growth).


- Don't be lazy and apply eyebrow oil before going to bed.

In some cases, achieving thicker brows may simply depend on proper grooming technique. You should note the following tips to get the beautiful eyebrows you want: Avoid over-brushing your eyebrows, avoid pressing hard on the area with the eyebrow pencil, brush your eyebrows daily with a specialized eyebrow tool.

Natural ingredients to thicken eyebrows

You can use natural products in your home to care for your eyebrows. Some of such products are:

- Coconut oil: With a large amount of acid, coconut oil will make the eyebrow area stimulated to grow more and thicker.

Onions: In onions contain sulfur, minerals and vitamins that are very effective in stimulating the growth of eyebrows. 


- Aloe Vera: Aloe vera Alumin helps to accelerate the growth of eyebrows, and also makes eyebrows stronger.

Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender oil is best known for its soothing effects. When applied directly to the hair, this oil is effective against hair loss. This effect is also effective for eyebrow care.

- Olive oil: The amount of vitamins E and B contained in olive oil is very effective to improve the condition of sparse, uneven eyebrows. In addition, olive oil also helps nourish and deeply moisturize the eyebrows from the inside.

- Fresh milk: Fresh milk contains nutrients rich in vitamins and proteins, so it works to nourish eyebrows to grow more and denser very effectively.

- Ginger: When ginger heats up, it will affect the skin, help clean and circulate blood so that the follicle cells are improved absorption, thereby helping the eyebrows grow thicker.

- Egg Yolk: Vitamin D in egg yolk helps to grow eyebrows faster and more.

- Lemon: Vitamin C and amino acids contained in lemon will help stimulate eyebrow growth effectively.

As long as you persist with the above suggestions, even if your eyebrows are thin, they will soon be improved and more natural.

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