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How long does natural skin care take to whiten?

Every woman wants to have bright, smooth skin. Especially during the upcoming Tet holiday like now. However, when using skin-whitening products, many women often spread rumors such as "this product whitens quickly", "this product has not been used for a long time", causing many controversies.


1. The process of renewing skin cells

The basal cells produce new cells and begin to move up to form the upper layer cells, eventually forming the stratum corneum and sloughing off the skin - this is the renewal process of skin cells. This process usually takes about 28 days with 14 days of cells moving from the basal layer to the stratum corneum and another 14 days to slough off the skin from the skin.

The older you get, the slower the process of keratinization of the skin, while this process in children happens very quickly. Specifically, a baby only takes 14 days, a 20-year-old takes 28 days and a 40-year-old takes up to 55 days.


For our body, the skin renewal process takes place regularly and continuously. If you do not regularly exfoliate the skin, these cells often stick for a long time, making the skin surface always rough, rough and not bright. At that time, skin care nutrients from the outside in the form of creams and gels will often be difficult to achieve high efficiency because they are often hindered by the remaining stratum corneum and dead cells.


To keep your skin clean and clear, you can use Sakura Gentle Facial Scrub 2-3 times a week, the thin gel of the product quickly removes dead cells, dirt on the skin surface, helps pores. Skin pores are always open, no longer secretive. Other skin care and nourishment steps are supported and fully promoted.

2. Whiten, renew skin cells naturally from only 30 days

In accordance with the renewal process of skin cells, whitening products, reducing pigmentation ... also need at least the same amount of time to promote their full capabilities. In particular, the age of women often needs to whiten from 20 to 40 years old, 30 days is the average time for women to slowly feel the change of natural skin tone.

With products that have an effective mechanism of action, whitening for more than 30 days, they are often evaluated as safe skin care products because the product does not cause any changes to the cell renewal process. natural skin.

For products that have the ability to whiten the skin "accelerated", a short period of time the skin tone is noticeably improved, you should be careful when choosing because it is likely that these whitening products contain corticosteroids. Using products containing corticosteroids in large doses makes users prone to "corticoid addiction", when stopping use, the skin often becomes strongly irritated, suddenly becomes rough, darkens spread, dry skin and appears many acne than. The "rapid" skin whitening products are often cheap, but the cost of treating the consequences of corticosteroid infection is quite high. This is also the reason that women need to be more careful when choosing skin whitening products on the market.


Currently, many women "communicate" each other with the outstanding skin whitening benefits of Sakura Luminous. Every day using a white tomato white Sakura Luminous tablet , you have provided enough "golden" nutrients to help nourish the skin from deep within. Purified from white tomato powder - a natural, effective and safe skin whitening ingredient, Sakura Luminous supports inhibiting melanin synthesis to help prevent pigmentation, reduce darkening and pigmentation.

As a safe and natural skin whitening product, Sakura Luminous's mechanism of action adheres to the skin renewal process, so you will feel a marked improvement in skin tone after more than 1 month of use. In particular, white tomato powder extract also has the ability to protect against the harmful effects of UV rays, so when using Sakura Luminous oral tablet, you do not need to use additional sunscreen because your skin is protected. comprehensive against the harmful effects of the sun.

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