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How to brighten eyes, remove dark circles after a tiring night

Here are a few notes to help you transform from sleep-deprived eyes into lively, soulful eyes like A-list stars.

After a difficult night of sleep, missed a movie too late or stayed awake because of some unhappy thing, tomorrow morning you will have to face in the mirror with dark circles, red eyes and a dull, lifeless look. . The following article will reveal to you a few eye makeup techniques that will help you transform from sleep-deprived eyes into lively, more soulful eyes like A-list stars.


Being an area of ​​thin skin doesn't mean you just need to use a bland moisturizer. One of the best ones to look for is an eye cream that contains retinol (a derivative of vitamin A). Eye creams containing retinol will be different from regular face creams. Due to the risk of irritation, it will be formulated with a lower concentration of retinol and has emollients to enhance hydration, reducing the risk of irritation.



Makeup artists recommend using yellow or orange undertones. However, there is a more interesting suggestion for you, which is to choose peach color. This color palette helps to hide the gray color in the dark circles under the eyes very well. No need to go looking for a concealer or a peachy shade, you can absolutely do this with the lipstick you have.


- Choose liquid cream concealer instead of compact for a light coverage.

- Next, stay away from applying concealer in a triangle and spreading down the cheekbones. Instead, cover the right dark circles under your eyes.

Stay away from black eyeliner

Choose brown eyeliner. Use pencil or use eyeshadow and line with a beveled brush for the most natural eyeliner possible. It's obviously easier to line brown eyeliner this way than with black eyeliner or markers.


Sharp black eyeliner does not work to make your sleepy eyes look more alive, on the contrary, it is quite dangerous when you use it in a state of sleep deprivation, not fully awake. Because just a little smear will destroy your makeup.

With monolids, lined eyelids or small eyes, avoid applying the entire upper eyelid line and instead just apply it at the corner of the eye. This will make the eyes look bigger and more soulful.

Choose a gentle makeup remover

Don't forget to remove eye makeup thoroughly. Dermatologists agree that the skin under the eyes is one of the thinnest areas on the body, so a specialized makeup remover is needed to both remove stubborn mascara and not cause irritation. eye stinging or irritation.


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