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How to get plump and long-lasting lips?

Lip gloss is always one of the favorite cosmetics of girls of all ages. It makes your lips look soft, full, voluptuous and irresistible.


Here are a few tips on how to use and keep your lip gloss long-lasting:

1. Apply lip gloss carefully. After lining the lips and applying lipstick, apply lip gloss in the middle of the lips, then use a brush to lightly brush it to the lip line. This helps the lip gloss not to be thick and the lips to be spotless.

2. Lip gloss gives your lips a glossy, full, sexy look. It is used to create a subtle shine on your lips. However, overusing them makes the lips feel saggy.

3. The use of lip gloss is very important. It is recommended to use lipstick and lip gloss of the corresponding color to help the lips to be evenly colored. Lip gloss usually only creates gloss, not bold color. Therefore, if you use two lipsticks that are too different in color, your lips will not be beautiful.

4. Do not choose lip gloss when using it feels too dry or sticky, or oily. A good lipstick when applied to the lips retains its color, has a soft, smooth, glossy finish.

5. You can make the gloss of your lipstick last longer by avoiding rubbing your lips together. Instead, use your fingers or a brush to do this.

6. Lip gloss is easy to use. So we can use it anywhere. But that's not the case with becoming a lip gloss addict.

7. Lip gloss is useful in preventing damage that can be caused by UV rays from the sun.

8. It is recommended to use a lip gloss with the right SPF to block the harsh sun and say goodbye to chapped lips. Apply a layer of lip balm underneath if your favorite lip gloss doesn't have any sun protection. This will also help your lips last longer.

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