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How to treat hidden acne at home to regain smooth, flawless skin

Of all the types of acne, it can be said that hidden acne is the most stubborn. It makes facial skin rough, less aesthetic, causing many obstacles in communication. Here will be all the information about hidden acne as well as ways to treat hidden acne at home to help you solve hateful acne quickly.

1. What is hidden acne and how to recognize it?

Hidden acne is a type of acne located deep under the skin, without a nucleus. If you look through it, you may not see it, but when you touch or look at the skin under the light, you will see the rough, less smooth skin surface.
How to recognize hidden acneAcne does not have a head, does not appear on the skin like acne, whiteheads ....
When touching the skin with your hands, you will feel rough skin, pressing it does not hurt. Acne does not show signs of inflammation or redness.
Usually hidden acne will not grow individually but gather in thick clusters. Very difficult to handle. If left for a long time and not timely, acne will easily spread to the surrounding areas. 

What is hidden acne and how to recognize it?

2. Causes of hidden acne

Endocrine disruption, leading to more active sebaceous glands. This will be a favorable environment for bacteria to work, causing acne hidden under the skin. Common in those who are in puberty, menstrual disorders, pregnant women ...
Improper skin care and cleaning. Causes dirt to still accumulate, lying deep in the skin causing acne.
Weak liver, limiting the process of eliminating toxins in the body to the outside. Therefore, toxins will be pushed through the surface of the skin into hidden acne, blackheads ....
People with oily skin, sensitive skin are more prone to hidden acne than other skin types.
Using mixed creams, unknown origin, poor quality cream. Causes the skin to be worn away, destroys the protective film of the skin, makes the skin weak and more prone to acne.
Unbalanced diet and lifestyle. Mood swings, stress, or working with phones and computers. Drinking less water during the day, eating a lot of greasy, hot and spicy foods are also the causes of hidden acne.

3. How to treat hidden acne at home

Makeup remover deep clean skin

Even if you don't wear makeup, using makeup remover should not be ignored. Because in a day, your skin is still exposed to a lot of smoke, dust, bacteria ... that face wash cannot completely clean. If you do not clean the skin well, the dirt is still on the skin, when applying more skin care products to the face, it will cause the pores to clog. Produces hidden acne. Therefore, use makeup remover with specialized makeup removers such as water, oil, wax, gel, cream to deep clean the skin. 

Clean skin properly to limit hidden acne

Clean face

After removing makeup, you clean your face again with cleanser. Depending on your skin type to choose the right cleanser. Use face wash twice a day to ensure that the skin is always clean and clear.

How to treat hidden acne at home by exfoliating

Dermatologists all talk about the importance of exfoliation. And recommend you to exfoliate 2 times a week to renew the skin, remove bacteria, remaining dirt. Helps to clean pores, minimize the formation of hidden acne.

There are two types of exfoliation: physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. You should research carefully to choose and combine the two forms to best suit. Avoid overuse, it will make the skin more sensitive.

Facial steaming

This is also one of the familiar home remedies for acne. Since clogged pores cause hidden acne, steam will help solve this problem. When steaming, it will help open pores, push acne to the surface. At this time, acne will be easier to handle without causing damage to the skin.

After the sauna is finished and treat the old acne spots. You should apply soothing, anti-inflammatory masks to help the skin heal faster. 

Facial steaming is a popular home remedy for hidden acne

A reasonable lifestyle is a way to treat hidden acne at home with long-term effectiveness

Although knowing that when having acne, everyone's mentality is impatient to quickly deal with these acne. However, the more impatient you are, the more likely it is to make the situation worse. Create a comfortable mood, avoid stress, stress. Should go to bed early before 11am, limit greasy, hot spicy food. Drink enough water, add more fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. A healthy diet and lifestyle will be the most effective and long-lasting way to treat hidden acne at home. Because even if you take good care of your skin and use good cosmetics, if you still keep an unhealthy lifestyle, acne will still come back.

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