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How to use rose water properly?

Rose water is considered a secondary ingredient but is indispensable in the makeup process. In addition, rose water also has many effects to help take care of the skin of girls if you know how to use it and promote it to its fullest. its effect. 

Here we would like to share with you the uses as well as how to use rose water. Please refer to it now to give you soft, smooth skin.


Uses of rose water

For European women, cosmetics made from roses are considered the best cosmetics for beauty. People take water extracted from roses to whiten skin, facial cleansers. Skin whitening and skin care is very effective.

Rose water helps you have firmer skin, increases skin moisture, exfoliates dead cells, dark spots caused by melasma, removes dirt deep in pores, sucks sebum on the skin. In addition, in rose water contains a large amount of vitamins A, C and active ingredients to help replenish nutrients to regenerate the epidermis quickly, preventing wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes…

How to choose the right rose water?

Rose water often contains a very high amount of alcohol to help clean the skin, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory. However, with the amount of alcohol in rose water, it is easy to damage your skin such as drying the skin, reducing moisture for the skin. skin, thin…

When choosing a rose water, you should choose low-alcohol types, suitable for your skin. To be safe for your skin, you should buy rose water at such reputable dealers you.
Use rose water properly

Use rose water to remove makeup

Before using facial cleanser to remove the powder layers on your face, you should use rose water to remove makeup first. Take a cotton pad soaked in water. Rose, clean the eye area first, then the rest. You should divide your face into 2 parts. Clean one side of your face first, then flip the cotton pad over, wipe the other side so your skin will be cleaner.

For using rose water for skin care

You just need to do the following steps:

-Wash and dry your face with a soft towel

-Use a makeup pad soaked in rose water to pat the skin.For oily skin, oily skin and acne you can absorb more than.

-Massage on the face: gently pat the skin with your hands.Massage gently and evenly on the skin.Because the facial skin is a vulnerable area, you should not pat too hard or use strong force on the skin so it will accelerate. skin aging process.

-Using two hands close to the face: doing so helps heat from the hands and cover, making it easier for the skin to absorb nutrients deep into the skin.

Here are some small notes for you. To promote the full effect, you can leave rose water in the refrigerator for 3-5 minutes before use. After use, you should close the lid so that the nutrients do not you guys are evaporated.

With what I have shared, I hope that you will become more and more beautiful, younger and more beautiful. Share your beauty secrets with your friends!

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