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If you make the following 6 mistakes when removing makeup, your skin will suffer from acne and serious damage

You must not forget the following mistakes when cleaning your skin.

Remove makeup with too much force

Women often rub their face vigorously because they think it will clean better. However, doing so is very harmful to the skin. When removing makeup, you need to be gentle. Because if you rub your face too hard, you can cause red streaks, even wrinkles.

Dirt and bacteria in the pores can still bring acne to you. On the other hand, vigorous rubbing is easy to damage the skin, creating an opportunity for bacteria to enter more easily. The effects of stretching also make sensitive skin areas (around the eyes, corners of the mouth) aging faster.

Forgot to remove makeup around the face

Do not ignore the contours around the face such as the forehead contour, the jawline area ... when removing makeup. Because these are also the areas where makeup or sunscreen is applied carefully, but they are often forgotten.

Using inappropriate makeup remover

Similar to creams, special drugs or any other cosmetic, makeup remover also needs to be suitable for the nature of the skin. If you have oily skin, you can choose to use water or a gel makeup remover. For dry skin, avoid alcohol-based cleansers.


Do not rinse with water after removing makeup

The use of no makeup remover is one of the common mistakes when removing makeup. But there are still a lot of girlfriends encountered. Using makeup remover is only the premise in the makeup removal cycle, that is, after the makeup remover, you need to clean your skin through water and cleanser. These steps will ensure that you have completely cleaned the layers of dirt that are hiding deep inside the pores.

Not removing makeup thoroughly

Makeup powder, foundation or matte lipstick are cosmetics that stick very firmly on the skin. Therefore, if you only remove makeup through the speaker, it is not possible to completely remove makeup or dirt on the face. This mistake when removing makeup in the long run will cause pores to be clogged, clogged, causing inflammation, acne ... Therefore, to completely clean, she remembers to remove makeup gently and carefully, carefully, Do not ignore small areas of skin.


Only remove makeup when makeup

Many girls have the habit of only removing makeup when wearing makeup or after applying sunscreen. This is a completely wrong concept and not good for the skin at all. Because after a long day of work and study, the surface of the skin will be covered with a lot of dirt along with a layer of oil and dead cells. So, whether you wear makeup or not, remember to remove your makeup at the end of the day before going to bed.

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