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Learn how to apply masks of Korean girls to make your skin shiny after only 3 days

Korean women have a very paradoxical way to apply masks, promising to make skin brighter and smoother.

Not only applying lotion masks as usual, Korean women have a very paradoxical way to apply masks that promise to help improve skin, make skin plump. Korean blogger recently shared tips for applying lotion mask effectively, helping the skin to be full of life.


First, the Korean blogger will pour lotion into the thinly separated makeup remover cotton. Blogger Blaga notes that you should choose lotions that are more moisturizing, with benign ingredients such as rose, chamomile, aloe vera, etc. Then, Blaga will apply lotion soaked cotton to the whole face.


Not stopping there, she continued to use a sleeping mask to apply on the cotton layer just applied. Blaga will leave the mask on for about 10 minutes.


After 10 minutes, Blaga will remove the mask. She will use the mask to wipe over the whole face, slightly patting to increase absorption, avoiding excess nutrients. Finally, Blaga will apply a thin layer of cream and massage all over the face to lock in moisture.

According to Blaga, after applying this method regularly, her skin has improved a lot. This Korean method will have an additional step of applying cream on top of the mask and instead of just waiting 3 minutes, users need to wait about 10 minutes before removing the mask.

This unique mask method will add more nutrients and moisturize more deeply than the old method. The basic mask and lotion layer, which is in charge of infusing water and nutrients into the skin; When applied with an additional layer of cream on top, it will help increase the ability to "transport" nutrients from the cream into the skin.

The blogger also applies a 10-minute mask, not just a 3-minute mask as usual, this method can also be applied to replace the traditional paper mask with the same effect.


However, this method is suitable for people with dry, very dry skin that needs deep moisture, especially in the dry autumn and winter; And in case you have combination skin, oily skin, you should consider, only apply an intensive mask 1-2 times a week to avoid the skin being blocked with excess nutrients.

In addition, if the traditional 3-minute lotion mask method is quite gentle, can be applied twice a day, with this intensive method, you should only apply it once a week in the evening.

With lotion, you should choose light, fast-absorbing lotion lines; Creams to apply on top of the mask should be lines that are more moisturizing and soothing. You can combine the mask with the use of an essence pusher to increase the ability to deeply moisturize.

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