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Learn the economical and simple skin care tips of the world's top supermodels

Although they are famous supermodels, these stars all apply simple but necessary skincare methods.

Jaime King – do not rub the eye area vigorously

This beauty is extremely focused on protecting the skin around the eye area. When removing makeup, many women have a habit of rubbing quite strongly and quickly into the skin around the eyes. But Jaime King understands that this can easily cause the skin around the eyes to wrinkle, so she is extremely gentle every time she removes makeup. American beauties often let their skin come into contact with water to gently remove the layer of cosmetics in the area around the eyes.


Shanina Shaik – focus on moisturizing facial skin

For this beauty, moisturizing is one of the most important steps in skincare. Moisturizing will largely determine the beauty of your skin in the future. Therefore, Shanina Shaik often moisturizes both morning and night. Besides, Shanina Shaik also knows how to flexibly use moisturizing products depending on the season. Depending on the characteristics of your skin to choose different moisturizers, please consult carefully before using the product.


Kendall Jenner - wash your face thoroughly and don't touch your face

Your hands contain a lot of bacteria that will cause the skin to become inflamed as well as itchy and worsen. So it is best that after washing your face thoroughly, apply the cream fully, you need to minimize the contact of your hands with your face.

In addition, Kendall Jenner also focuses on washing her face thoroughly and cleanly, followed by moisturizing steps. Washing your face thoroughly helps to remove the maximum amount of dirt that is harmful to the skin. You do not need to wash your face too many times a day, but you should use it with a cleanser twice in the morning and at night. The penetrating cleanser will help your face clean more deeply.


Victoria Brito – reduce dark circles with potatoes, blackheads with lemon + sugar

Model Victoria Brito also noted skin care around the eyes like Jaime King. If Jaime King limited rubbing cotton eye makeup remover to avoid rapid aging, Victoria Brito preferred to use potatoes to reduce dark circles in the eyes. In particular, applying potato slices to the eye area to eliminate dark circles is the way that beautiful Victoria Brito uses. 


Erin Heatherton – don't let your skin overload with too many products

Women do not need to apply too many products in their skin care process. If you want to use a new product, learn more about this product line and your skin as well. Erin Heatherton says she often supplements her body with foods containing vitamin A rather than using countless skin care products.

Although they are famous supermodels, the above stars all apply simple but necessary skincare methods. Before doing something new or complicated, make sure you have mastered the basic skincare tips to have beautiful, healthy skin.

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