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Newly washed hair is sticky and uncomfortable, what's the reason?

A greasy hair not only makes us lose confidence but also brings hair and scalp problems. But it's annoying when this situation happens often, even after just washing your hair. Here are the reasons why hair is sticky quickly.

If we can properly identify the cause of greasy hair then we can more easily control the hair situation and always keep the hair healthy and beautiful.

1. Due to geography

Many people from birth have oily skin, not only having an oily face, but also having an oily scalp or they have some problems with hormone imbalance or scalp inflammation. All of these can cause the scalp to produce more sebum than usual, so that the hair is always in a sticky state of oil.

Your hair is always shiny, sticky and often thin, pressing close to the scalp causing a very uncomfortable feeling. When you encounter this condition, you can only limit it, but not completely treat it by washing your hair regularly or seeing specialists if the problem is too serious.


2. Wash your hair too often

The more you wash your hair, the more chemicals in the shampoo will make your scalp dry. According to the body's self-balancing mechanism, the drier the scalp, the more oil it will produce to regulate the amount of oil in the scalp. From that we can see, if you wash your hair more, your hair will not only be cleaner, but it will only get greasy faster.

Not only that, if you wash your hair too often, the chemicals in the shampoo will destroy the beneficial bacteria present on the scalp - beneficial bacteria that help balance the pH, making your scalp sensitive and difficult to care for. than. Therefore, you should only wash your hair 2-3 times a week, with moisturizing or anti-dandruff shampoos suitable for your hair and scalp condition.


3. Choosing the wrong hair care products

Before choosing a hair care product for yourself, you need to learn carefully and properly about your hair and scalp. Do not choose just because of the scent or the effects that other people hear rumors about. Hair care products are like a protective layer, restoring hair, but only if you choose the right one for your hair.

If your hair is dry, your scalp is dry, you should choose intensive moisturizing hair care products to reduce stickiness and create bounce for your hair. If you have an oily scalp, you should only wash it with a normal shampoo, not specializing in treating hair problems. However, you can also use a deep cleansing product twice a month to remove sebum that has accumulated for a long time and help hair look cleaner.


4. Tie your hair too tight

A lot of girls love ponytails that are both young and healthy and can cover their greasy hair, but if you tie your ponytail too often without knowing how, tying it too tight will cause your hair to grow worse and worse. worse and more sticky quickly.

Not only that, this hairstyle also makes the scalp clogged, causing the scalp to secrete more oil at the hair roots. If you tie your hair too tightly or use products that help style your hair, it will cause the roots to stretch, the chemicals will penetrate the hair causing damage, the hair becomes weak and easy to fall out.


5. Too stressful

Stress not only makes the skin worse, but the scalp will also be affected. When stressed, the body will produce more cortisol and make sebum secrete more, the result of course is that the hair is also greasy faster. To limit this hair stickiness, you must first free yourself from stress, build and follow a healthy lifestyle, eat scientifically to ensure your body balance.


6. Do not rinse your hair with cold water

When washing your hair, you should use hot water because it can help open pores, remove dirt and dissolve excess oil in the hair. However, doing this will also make the scalp dry, absorb more chemicals from the shampoo and make the scalp produce more oil, causing dandruff, itching for the scalp. So, if you wash your hair with warm water, rinse it off with cool water to help close the pores on the scalp and make the body more awake.


7. Brushing and touching hair too often

Fingers contain a lot of different bacteria and sebum, if you touch your hair and brush your hair regularly, it will make your hair quickly oily and cause sebum to spread from the roots to the ends of the hair. Therefore, you should immediately quit the habit of touching your hair, especially touching your hands unconsciously when talking and should only brush your hair twice a day.

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