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Note when dyeing your hair at home

Dyeing your hair at home can save you a lot of money. Therefore, if you just want to dye simple colors or cover gray hair, please refer to the following notes to be able to dye your hair at home effectively and safely...

‏1. Note before dyeing hair

‏Should you wash your hair before dyeing your hair or not is a concern of many people when dyeing their hair at home.

The answer is not to wash your hair two days before dyeing. This is to help the oil secrete from the scalp to minimize the irritation of the dye and help the hair color better. You should not incubate your hair before dyeing because it may affect the dyeing results.

In addition, if you have sensitive, easily irritated skin, you should test for allergies before dyeing your hair. Take a small amount of the product and apply it to areas like your wrists to see if your skin shows any unusual signs. If you feel itchy or red, don't use that product because it can harm your scalp.

‏Always make sure to read and follow the instructions on the product packaging to get the hair color you want. You can test the color time by applying the tint to a small section of hair. The best way is to follow the instructions in the box, but with fine textures it will take less time and conversely, the drier the hair, the longer it will take.

2. Steps to take when dyeing your hair at home‏

‏Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, you need to prepare an appropriate amount of dye. Also, prepare a pair of gloves, a dark coat, and a wet towel so you can wipe the product off if it accidentally gets on your face.

‏The steps are as follows:‏‏
  • Step 1: Mix the dye according to the instructions on the package. Use a dye kit that includes a plastic bowl and a brush to mix the dye more efficiently.
  • ‏Step 2: Divide your hair into layers to apply the medicine evenly, avoiding hair loss.
  • ‏Step 3: Famous hairstylist Kiyah Wright suggests a method of dyeing hair for the whole head by applying the dye about half an inch away from the scalp and stroking it towards the ends of the hair - because the heat from the head will make the color faster. than. When you're done, go back and cover the ends of your hair, which will minimize the amount of time the dye is in direct contact with your scalp.
  • ‏Step 4: Incubate the dye over time on the box or as you checked before.
  • Step 5: Rinse your hair with cold water until the color is completely removed. Do not use shampoo because it can discolor hair just dyed. Most dye products come with a conditioner pack, use it to revitalize your hair.
‏Steps to do when dyeing your hair at home

‏3. Hair care after dyeing

‏Hair care after dyeing is an important issue for the color to last longer.‏

You should limit the frequent washing of hair, both to increase the life of the hair color and to make it stronger . If you feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar, you can use dry shampoo to keep oily skin clean.

Moreover, hair will often become drier after dyeing, you should use a combination of conditioner and hair cream to reduce damage and moisturize hair . Avoid using styling tools or drying your hair at high temperatures as this will make your hair stiff and break the ends. You should also wash your hair with cold water because it will be good for the scalp and make it look stronger.


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