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Note when using shower gel to have beautiful smooth skin for women

Women should note the following 4 things when using shower gel to get the desired white, smooth skin.

Shower gel is used to help women have smooth, shiny skin. Photo: Xinhua

Shower gel is an indispensable thing for women and is used at least once a day. Shower gel helps to clean and scent the body, supporting the skin to become smooth if used regularly.

However, not everyone knows that shower gel needs to be used properly in order to be fully effective.

Use enough amount

First, users should note when only the necessary amount of shower gel should be used. The reason is that if you use a little shower gel, it will not promote its full effect in cleaning the body, helping to make the skin white and smooth.

On the contrary, if using too much shower gel is not only costly but difficult to bring about the desired effect. There are even some cases where using a large amount of shower gel will cause skin irritation, redness, and itchiness for users.

Low foam shower gel

Many people mistakenly believe that foamy shower gel will bring better use in cleaning the body. However, according to experts, this is not entirely true because the foam in shower gel often has many chemicals and this is also the reason why the skin is prone to dryness, moisture loss and abrasion if used for a short period of time. long time.

So, please choose low-foam shower gels to use. In case of force majeure must use shower gel with a lot of foam, it is necessary to pay attention to rinsing with water many times to ensure that the shower gel is washed off and no longer remains on the skin.

Use a bath sponge

Instead of just using your hands to shower, you should use a soft bath sponge combined with a shower gel to clean your body. In addition to foaming, bath sponges can effectively remove dead skin cells.

In addition, bath sponges also help users save shower gel with the ability to quickly foam as well as make cleaning easier and more effective.

Do not wash your face

In the process of using shower gel, there are some people who keep the habit of combining shower gel to wash their face. However, according to beauty experts, give up this habit because the shower gel contains alkaline - a compound that will strip away the natural oil on the surface of the skin.

Therefore, if you use shower gel to wash your face regularly, it will make your skin weaker and may appear red spots due to irritation with the product.

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